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Better Hair with Broccoli?

This power veggie proves its effectiveness in hair care


By Dr. Kaycee Reyes

Step aside, silicone. There is a new hair care hero, and it is surprisingly accessible and inexpensive. Love it or hate it, broccoli is a power vegetable that packs quite a punch, full of amazing health benefits for the body, including the hair and the skin. This week, discover the wonders of broccoli in hair care that can replace your shampoos and serums for better, bouncier, more beautiful hair.broccoli

Broccoli for the body. Broccoli is a vegetable that belongs in the cruciferae family of plants, including kale, cauliflower, bok choy, cabbage, and more. And being part of this special family means it is an anti-cancer food! Broccoli contains sulforaphane, which can activate enzymes that can stop potential cancer-causing cells, showing favorable results in delaying the spread of certain cancers such as melanoma, pancreatic, and prostate cancers. Eat more of this very good veggie and you can also lessen your risk of breast, lung, and colon cancers significantly as well. Oh and since broccoli is rich in vitamins K,C, D, A, B6, and B12, consider your body protected against free radicals (from vitamin C), have better bone health (vitamin K), and have healthier hair and skin!

Super silicone. But enough about the effects that broccoli can do for our body. Recent studies have shown that broccoli can benefit the hair, too! For years, our favorite shampoos, conditioners, serums, and other hair care products have always contained silicone that makes the hair softer, silkier, shinier. Just look for the suffix -cone, -conol, and -xane in the ingredients and you’re sure that it will revive your dry and damaged hair back to its shining glory. But wait, it has a few downsides too, as the non-water soluble kind can be harder to wash away and can also leave your hair weighed down and dull after some time. When used properly, however, silicone can prevent hair breakage, protect hair from heat styling products, seal in moisture, and can even help colored hair stay on longer! But here’s the breaking news: Broccoli seed oil can do all that too, naturally!

Broccoli for the hair. Broccoli seed oil (or brassica seed oil) is made by cold-pressing broccoli seeds. Curly, straight, thinning, damaged, or colored hair, this special oil has shown effects on hair similar to silicone such that it also adds shine and softness to it when applied. It contains a special substance that keeps hair from thinning, can prevent split ends, and also acts as a natural heat protector. Moreover, broccoli seed oil can protect the hair from free radicals with its vitamin C content and, unlike non-water soluble silicone, it is non-greasy and easily absorbed by the hair. Amazing benefits in a few drops? Yes, broccoli seed oil is your new hair care hero!

Broccoli is 90 percent water, which means that it is low in calories but high in benefits! It is best to add this to your daily diet, but if you’re not a fan of this veggie, you can use it topically too with broccoli seed oil. Aside from its awesome hair benefits, it can also make your skin glow too! Just add a few drops in your favorite moisturizer and you’re good to go!

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