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What Makes a Bad Password?


By Maria Inna Franceska R. Lagazon

Regardless of how many times we are reminded to have strong and unique passwords, we still have passwords that are predictable and easy to remember. Using weak passwords can put your online accounts at risk. Hackers try to crack passwords with the most obvious words or patterns first.A research on online hacking says it only takes 0.25 milliseconds for brute-force cracking software and hardware to crack the most obvious passwords combinations.

To avoid being hacked, here are examples of weak passwords you should not use for your online accounts:

Your Name


One of the most obvious passwords. It’s a password that you can easily remember because of obvious reasons.  Sadly, it also the first word a hacker would use when hacking into your account. And although it would take a brute-force software a long time to crack this password depending on its length, don’t take the risk. Change your password now.


According to research, this is the most common password of all time. This numeric pattern is so obvious and easy to crack that adding 7,8 & 9 won’t make any difference.  Hackers can easily get in to your account with this password.

Your Birthday

Not everyone you know, knows exactly when your birthday is.  Pretty sure only family members, close relatives and friends remember.  But it’s not like any of them would actually have plans of hacking in to your Facebook account anytime soon.  Remember, hackers try the most obvious combinations and your birthday is one of them.


This and any other number or letter you repeat 6 times or more just to fit the character requirement doesn’t make your password safe nor strong. It would just be as easy as 1-2-3 or a-b-c!


Don’t be lazy, using password as your password is like you, pleading for your account to be hacked.


The first six letters of the alphabet is just as predictable as the first six numbers. This too predictable pattern would surely be deciphered in just a couple of minutes.


Although qwerty may seem “random”, it is quite easy to crack since the keys are right beside each other. This also applies for asdfghjkl.

Just remember to always mix it up so you can have a unique and strong password. Creating alphanumeric, case sensitive passwords are the best kinds of passwords as these are harder to crack by hackers and brute-force cracking softwares.

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  • LeoZapa

    The article should have included what constitute a strong and hard-to-crack password.