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Things you should remove from your bedroom for better sleep


by Maria Inna Franceska R. Lagazon

Do you sometimes find it hard to sleep at night? They say it can be difficult especially when you just can’t stop thinking. Well, have you considered the thought that maybe it is what’s inside your bedroom that keeps you awake at night? Here are 8 items you should remove from you bedroom to get a good night’s sleep.



Most of us watch television to unwind before bedtime. Unfortunately, some movies are so interesting that we end up awake and it’s already past midnight!  One study even showed that the mere presence of a bedroom television seemed to shorten sleep by an average of 31 minutes. Try removing the television from your bedroom.  If that’s not an option, then make an effort to keep the TV turned off before bedtime to get a good night’s rest.



An untidy space can lead to anxiety and poor sleep. This was probably the reason why most moms bug their children to clean their room.  Clean up your clutter!



Allergens are in the air. You may not know it but it can be the cause of your snoring. Try putting on an air filter and letting it run for at least an hour before you go to bed. This should help remove allergens from the air.

Old Pillows

Old Pillows

You’ll know that you have to get rid of your old pillow when; 1. It doesn’t spring back to its normal shape after folding it in half. 2. It’s discolored and it smells. Sleeping with an old pillow can give you allergies or neck problems in the long run.

Dirty sheets

Dirty Sheets

Change your sheets every other week or weekly to avoid itchiness and tossing and turning at night.



Light is like a natural alarm clock. It tells your brain that the sun is up and it’s time to get up!  But what if you just forgot to turn off your lights and its only 2 a.m.? To avoid this from happening, remember to turn off all lights in the room before going to bed. Invest in good quality blinds or shades to prevent natural light from seeping in.



Your beloved pets may be super cute and good for cuddling at night but a study found that 10% of pet owners who sleep with their pets experience disturbed sleep. You have to deal with the whimpering and late-night bathroom trips. Let them sleep in their own beds instead.  You’d probably get a nice, long, night’s sleep.



The cellphone is the most notorious item on this list. “One last scroll” is what we usually tell ourselves but we always end up scrolling our friend’s social media accounts for another hour.  Keep those phones away to get a good night’s sleep. Also, don’t keep them under your pillows as it exposes you to radiation.

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