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Teaching Baby Boomers how to Snap


By Mark Isaiah David

teaching baby boomers how to snap

At its initial public offering (IPO) last March 2, Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat, closed at $24.48/share – 44% higher than their IPO pricing of $17. Snap’s success marked the biggest tech debut since 2014. The camera company is now estimated at $33 billion –three times as much as Twitter.

Snapchat’s popularity with teens and young adults is undeniable, but there’s minimal penetration among the baby boomer generation (ages 51-69 in 2015) – people who might have be in a more ideal position to invest. If you’re interested in Snapchat but clueless on how to dive in, don’t worry – we got your back.

Untangling the Jargonteaching baby boomers how to snap1

The first thing you need to learn is the language of Snapchat. Here are some of the most common terms you need to be familiar with:

  • Snapcode: Your profile’s QR code.
  • Snapcodeselfie: A personalized Snapcode with your selfie.
  • Snap: A photo or video you send through the app. A snap disappears after 10 seconds.
  • Chat: Snapchat’s instant messenger. Messages vanish after they’re seen.
  • Stories: Stories feature pictures and videos that you’d like to share with your Snapchat friends.
  • Memories: Memories backs up your Snaps.
  • Filter: A way to enhance your Snaps by adding an overlay.
  • Snap lenses: Adds animated effects while you are taking a Snap.
  • Geofilter: Unique filters customized to your current location.

Adding Friends

  1. Add friends by capturing your friend’s snapcode or by their usernames.
  2. You can accept friend requests by tapping the yellow ghost icon and adding those that have added you.

Sending snaps

  1. Tap the capture (circular) button at the bottom of the screen to take a photo. If you want to take a video, hold down the capture button.
  2. You can snazz up your snaps by adding/using stickers, captions, doodles, filters/geofilters, and lenses.
  3. Save Snaps to Memories or your phone’s camera roll (or both).
  4. Send your snap by clicking the blue arrow icon on the bottom of the screen and then clicking the contact/friend you’d like to send the Snap to.

Creating your Story

  1. Make a Snap.
  2. Click on the blue circle in the right hand corner to add your snap to your Story. At the ‘Send To…’ screen, click ‘My Story’.
  3. Click the blue arrow button again. Your Snap will be in your Story for 24 hours.

Viewing your Friend’s Story

  1. Click on the triangle icon at the bottom right corner.
  2. A list of friends who have updated stories will appear. Tap your selection.

Chatting with Friends

  1. Swipe right on your friend’s username/tap the Chat icon in the top left corner and choose the person you want to chat with.
  2. Type your message.
  3. Note: you will no longer be able to see messages once you leave the conversation.

Diving in to another social media platform may seem overwhelming – especially if you’re a bit older than the target market – but with practice, you can be snapping in no time.

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