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Top 8 common causes of Fire at Home


By Kathrina Ysabel Pineda

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A scary fact: thousands of house fires occur every year. To be safe, there must be smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and emergency exits present in every home and establishments. It is always better to act cautiously.  As the saying goes, “Forewarned is forearmed”.   Listed down are 8 most common causes of house fires every homeowner should be aware of:

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LPG tanks

Parents would always, always ask if the LPG tanks are turned off after cooking, before going to bed, or leaving the house. Do not get annoyed when reminded of this because LPG tanks are one of the most common causes of fire. Make sure the LPG tank you have at home is not defective and substandard.  Rusty and corroded tanks are potential hazards.

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Electrical Equipments

Make sure your outlets are not overloaded with cords and plugs.  Overloading can cause heat to build up or wirings to break down which in turn can cause fire.   Check for any open wires, and never, ever turn extension cords into octopus wiring. We often crowd an outlet with multiple cords which is really dangerous.

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Flammable Liquids

Leaving flammable liquids near a heat source can start a fire. Solvents, paint thinners, adhesives, cleaning agents, and any other raw materials should never be placed anywhere near high temperatures, and weak ignition sources that may cause an electric spark.

causes of fire mb7

Dried Leaves

Yes, those dry things kids just love to play with or step on in the park or in the garden can start a fire. Be sure to always clean your area and get rid of dry leaves properly. They lack moisture and fire can start easily once a person carelessly discards a cigarette on a heap of dry leaves.

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Fallen candles, greasy stoves or scattered matches, these are just some of the many fire hazards found at home.   Make sure to keep all things that are fire hazards away from children’s reach.

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Leaving the lights turned on overnight can cause a fire. Teach your children, and yourself, to turn off anything that is not in use. Be sure to use nothing but high-grade lamps and bulbs, and replace flickering lights right away.

causes of fire mb5


Smoking is not just dangerous for the user’s health and for the people around them, but also for the environment. If you could not make anyone refrain from their nicotine addiction, at least make sure they know how to properly extinguish and dispose of their cigarettes.

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Unattended Children

Teach your children to refrain from playing with things they should not. Adults should be good role models.

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