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The perfect pitch

All forms of investment come with inherent risks. Apart from a certain degree of luck, timing is everything in business. But wouldn’t it be great to invest in something you really like, and reap handsome returns for it in the future?


By Alex Y. Vergara

They’re not exactly ingénues in the world of business and marketing. In fact, they’re probably the equivalent of divas who know a thing or two about running a successful endeavor or promoting it to reach its fullest potential. But if given a choice, where would these seasoned and creative businessmen, entrepreneurs, and marketing wizards plunk their money in? What are the newest business hotspots lesser mortals like us should consider if we are to invest our hard-earned money and earn profits in return? Read and learn.

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“If we’re dealing with luxury products, the brand must have a coveted brand equity. It should have a rich tradition of quality, creativity, and industry experience. Products and brands should essentially be in line with the times despite their claim on luxury. A good management team must back it up to bring the brand or company forward. ”— Ben Chan, chair,  Suyen Corp.

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“I’m confident that the Philippines is experiencing a growth stage, which could continue for many years, similar to what our more developed Asean neighbors have gone through. This growth is partly driven by domestic consumption and improving wealth of the middle class. I would invest in anything driven by this consumption growth trend like retail, food, logistics, and tourism. ” –Anton Huang,   president, SSI Group, Inc.

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“If I’m looking for short-term profit, I would be interested in a pitch that would give me a clear picture of the potential yield of my investment. If I were looking at long-term investment, what would be more important to me is the stability of the venture I’m investing in, opportunities for scalability, and the business strategy. ” —Richard Arboleda,  president and COO, EON Group

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“Since I’m very much involved in technology, I’d probably invest in a business that is tech-related, which is not only interesting, but has the potential to answer a very big need and cater to a very large market. I’d be excited about that. It would be a plus if that company is the first in it, and that the organization is run by a team I can really bet on. ”—Manny Ayala, managing director, Endeavor

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“We’d probably invest in an attractive piece of real estate in the Berlin or Paris area. Art is also an attractive form of investment that we always try to consider and think seriously about. In the case of real estate, depending on the location, it offers the biggest resale value and growth potential.” —Markus Schmidt and Richard Danao,  entrepreneurs  and former owners of Firma

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“I’d consider investing in a business venture that offers a better yield than just keeping my money in the bank. At the same time, it should be something I could easily dispose of in case I need the cash. ”— Chit Juan,  slow food advocate,  owner of EchoStore

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