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True marks of a Wellness Wise Woman


by Cheshire Que, RND, RN, RD

Women are multitalented and we are capable of multitasking too! Yet despite being wonderfully created by God, we often overlook taking care of ourselves because we have other precious priorities—our loved ones, careers, hobbies, goals in life, and so on.

However, the month of March has not been declared Women’s Wellness Month for nothing. An entire month was dedicated to creating awareness about women’s wellbeing. Therefore, a woman’s health and wellness must be included in her list of priorities. Neglect this one important aspect of your life and it will definitely impact your relationships, ability to work, finances, and almost everything that concerns you, negatively.


Take some time to reflect about what matters most in your life. How are they affected by your mood, energy, and overall wellbeing? Are you being wise about your health and being a good steward of your body? If you are unsure of your answer, here are traits of a true-blood wellness wise woman:

  1. She regularly has screening tests done From monthly self-breast exam, annual physical exam, bi-annual dental visits down to simply monitoring weight and other body composition values such as body fat percentage and muscle mass. It pays to know one’s health status objectively instead of relying on how the body feels because most often than not, when you feel something or begin to experience symptoms then you are most probably already ill. Nip it at the bud. Prevention is way better than cure.
  2. She chooses life-giving foods over junk food Occasional treats are okay but a wellness wise woman loves her body enough to know the value of nutrient-rich foods. She chooses and incorporates fresh, whole, unprocessed, or minimally processed foods most of the time and balances these with foods containing fat and sugar which cannot be totally avoided on some occasions.
  3. She is prudent when it comes to choosing a wellness program She avoids fad dieting and bogus programs created by quacks. A wellness wise woman understands the importance of a holistic approach to wellness. She does not get into a program that will starve her and make her workout excessively. She consults with a doctor or a dietician before taking any form of pill that promises drastic weight loss. Quick fix is not in her vocabulary.
  4. She knows the concept of “me” time No matter how busy life can get, taking time to rest and collect one’s thoughts is vital to our existence. A well rested mind and body is able to do more things efficiently. A woman can spend her “me” time in whatever manner she pleases and for as long as she wants. It can be as varied as going to the spa, shopping, reading, writing, listening to music, traveling, learning a new hobby, going to the salon, exercising, simply getting an extra hour of sleep, having a quiet time or simply just doing nothing. A good five minutes to pause and pray will make you go a long way.
  5. She knows how to say “no” like a pro Saying yes to everyone else and putting our needs at the bottom of our priority list creates unnecessary stress in our lives. We can only do so much but it seems much easier to just say yes against our will instead of turning down requests to the detriment of our psyche. Learn to filter your to-do-list or social calendar. It is okay to say no without any explanation. You are not obliged to explain all the time. Simply apologize graciously. Say “I’m sorry I cannot do it or Thanks for your invitation but I’m sorry I cannot come to your party.”

Do you have what it takes to be a wellness wise woman?;;


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