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by Carlos Dela Pasion

For Bobbie Montales, communicating the life we live is a daunting yet fulfilling task. His works, perhaps, are about photography and the insights it delivers regarding elements that define life’s creative energies.

A mechanical engineer by profession, Bobbie has initially tapped photography as a welcome respite from all of life’s tensions. He currently has a full-time job as a managing director in a multinational semiconductor company. Bobbie is also an esteemed mentor at the college of engineering, in one of the leading universities in the Philippines.

  • Caracol Lady | Bobbie Montales

  • Balanced | Bobbie Montales

  • Ang Hari | Bobbie Montales

  • X-Marked | Bobbie Montales

  • Broken Heart | Bobbie Montales

  • Portrait of a Lady (Caracol Festival) | Bobbie Montales

  • Buga | Bobbie Montales

  • Lutang | Bobbie Montales

  • Bubble

  • Panata | Bobbie Montales

  • Bantayog | Bobbie Montales

  • Bantayog | Bobbie Montales

  • Weeping Women | Bobbie Montales

  • Masskara Festival 2015 | Bobbie Montales

  • Ped Xing | Bobbie Montales

  • Black Rider | Bobbie Montales

  • Bibili ka ba?

  • Paikot-ikot | Bobbie Montales

  • Hala Bira! | Bobbie Montales

    Fondly referred to as “Heneral” by his fellow lensmen, Bobby has earned his moniker not for having Heneral Luna’s mercurial temper but for wearing a mustache akin to the general. “The monicker came about during the Masskara Festival 2015. I, together with my Framed Shots Camera Club fellows, went to Bacolod to cover the festival and it was there where it has become a running joke that I was identified as ‘Heneral.’At that time, the movie Heneral Luna was a hit and I happened to wear a mustache,” Bobbie quips.

    Apart from his mustache, another trait that perhaps relates him to the general is his zeal for his craft. He clearly knows what he wants to achieve. By way of his lens, he commands a vision of ease and clarity. In doing so, he has earned a handful of awards and recognitions in the field which he still considers as unfamiliar territory.

    “I still consider myself as somebody who’s recently hooked on photography and still trying all genres. I enjoy playing with natural lights in street photography and capturing the different stories happening in the street. Right now, I am trying a little bit of everything. My next target is to take landscape photography seriously and complete with all the technicalities and logistics that go with it,” Bobbie enthuses.

    The unassuming lensman delightfully looks back to the day when he decided to hunt for a celebrated camera club upon completing his basic photography class. “I belonged to the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation (FPPF) Basic Photography Class Batch 17, where I bagged the first place for landscape category,” he shares.

    His choice for a camera club came easy as he was fascinated by the pictures posted on the walls where they had their classes, as he observed, it was Framed Shots Camera Club that had the most representation on the wall. However, he almost got disheartened after having a hard time searching for members who would facilitate his club membership.

    “Until finally one day, a certain Chito Cleofas responded to my inquiry about the club. I was really surprised when I checked his name and learned that he is one of the founders of the club. He invited me to attend the monthly meeting of the club and by November 2014, I was already a very proud member of the prestigious club. Since then, I earned eight Camera Club of the Year wins for FPPF-PWC,” Bobbie recalls.

    Bobbie is honored to have been mentored by Caloy Zamora and Jon Aguirre, esteemed names who continuously guide and support his journey through photography. He now shares the same passion with the people he used to admire from the club where they keep building their guild and vision altogether.

    Far from his own expectations, Bobbie’s celebrated photograph is currently among the posted lineup of pictures on the FPPF Chamber wall at the Fort Santiago in Intramuros. There, it is displayed, wanting to inspire a new breed of students.

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