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Ready for the Summer

Don’t want to show your shape to the world just yet? You still have time to get that sizzling hot body when you go to the A Institute


By Alex Y. Vergara
Photographed by Noel Pabalate

Beauty doctors Z and Aivee Teo recently unveiled three lunchtime procedures at the A Institute that are said to be ideal for the summer months. The White Laser, Power Shape, and Vela Shape belong to a new breed of machines using various types of lasers and radio frequencies that Z Teo describes as “no pain, all gain.”

Said to be the first of their kind in the Philippines, the machines are now being used on patients at the couple’s A Institute at Bonifacio Global City. The 20-minute procedures, apart from being fast and virtually painless, leave no downtime.

They’re designed, said Teo, with the busy modern men and women in mind. In the case of White Laser, a product of Australian technology, the results are almost immediate.

  • Dr. Z Teo with the new Vela Shape

  • Power Shape

  • A doctor works on the upper arm of a patient using the Vela Shape

  • White Laser

    “White laser, as its name implies, helps lighten skin pigments on the face due to melasma. It also addresses dark undereyes as well as obscures fine veins in the face,” said Teo.

    As a vasoconstrictor, its yellow and green lights penetrate deep into the skin and zero in on blood vessels, which supply blood to the pigment cells. Once the roots are constricted, the pigment cells near the surface of the skin stops getting blood. With the blood supply cut, their ability to produce pigments is disrupted.

    You can now say goodbye to “panda eyes.” The machine’s lightening effect on the skin is immediate. In three to four weekly sessions, unsightly pigments start to fade resulting in brighter, more radiant complexion. Wannabe beauty queens, listen up. White Laser’s use isn’t limited to the face, as it can also brighten darkened underarms, nipples, and even the groin area.

    The current crop of lasers—from RevLite to PicoSure—is mostly Q-switch lasers, said Teo. They have different wavelengths suited to address a different set of beauty concerns. Although they do lessen the appearance of pigmentation, over time these pigments come back.

    Doctors, including the Teo couple, used to address melanocytes, the main cause of pigmentation, through a combination of various means like Q-switch lasers, Pico lasers, and creams. They work for a while, but since the approach is superficial, faint traces of pigments remain on the skin. Without regular treatments, the pigments return within two to three months.

    “White Laser is revolutionary,” said Teo. “It treats melasma not as a pigment problem, but as a vascular problem. Before, the approach to shatter the pigment was superficial. Now, it addresses the problem at its roots.”

    And since it’s also a form of laser, White Laser can also minimize the appearance of enlarged pores. But it doesn’t have resurfacing capabilities to address, say, deep lines and acne scars. That’s where you would need other forms of lasers like PicoSure and Fraxel.

    “It’s very important for a center to have all these different lasers because they work differently,” said Teo. “It would depend on the doctor’s judgment call, the type of skin, and its condition.”

    Having used White Laser in his practice in Singapore, Teo assured Filipino patients that it’s perfectly safe for Asian skin. His colleagues in Thailand and Indonesia have also had the same positive experience with it, he said.

    The A Institute’s second machine, the Power Shape, relies primarily on so-called focused ultrasound technology to “hammer stubborn fat like egg shells” on the tummy area, love handles, and even thighs.

    “Guided by 3D technology, it emits focused ultrasound on the fat cells,” said Teo. “The person would lie down and a camera would map the body and project this on a screen. The doctor shoots the fat cells in the mapped area like a computer game.”

    Within three sessions, two weeks apart, the patient loses approximately 33 percent unwanted body fat, Teo added. The best part about the procedure is it’s painless and doesn’t involve uncomfortable cold wraps. The body eventually excretes dissolved fats.

    Like the Power Shape, an improved version of Ultra Shape, the Vela Shape is also a product of American technology. Again, the A Institute is the first in the Philippines to introduce both slimming machines.

    The Vela Shape is a radio-frequency diode laser, which, ladies, listen to this, helps get ride of stubborn cellulite by way of radio frequency, infrared, and vacuum. The 20-minute session “vacuums” the subcutaneous fat, which causes dimpling of the skin, and then “roasts” it to help smoothen patients’ problem areas like thighs and upper arms.

    Because of its contracting properties, it can also help slightly bloated individuals to reduce their figures as well as tighten their skins. It can also address double chin and help improve skin’s collagen production.

    “All you need is five to ten sessions of Vela Shape, one to two weeks apart,” said Teo. “But if you’re raring to go to the beach and show off your bikini body, then you can do it weekly for faster results.”

    The A Institute is located at 3/f Burgos Park Bldg., Forbestown Road, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. For appointments and inquiries, call (2) 573-1420 or (+63917) 728-3838 or email Go to, like, follow @theaiveeclinic on Twitter and Instagram

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