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Give Daddy his steak

Myron’s steak house is still serving the best steaks after over a decade in the business and the secret lies in the legacy of the Papa family’s late patriarch


By Angelo G. Garcia

What is it with men and steaks? Is it because of the portions that can satiate big appetites? Or because men are influenced by manly cowboys who love their cattle meat? Because steak is best paired with beer or wine or whiskey perhaps? Or is it because it’s simple, no frills meal but is extremely satisfying?

No matter what the reason is, one things for sure, steak is a macho man’s preferred meal. Imagine a big plate of 12 oz. of juicy ribeye cooked medium rare with a side of potatoes or rice, roasted vegetables, and a large glass of cold beer. That’s a meal for champions right there. Anybody with a big appetite is sure to love a meal like that—just like dad.

  • A MACHO MAN’S MEAL: The President ribeye steak

  • Myron’s dining area

  • Tiger prawn and US sea scallops with roasted pumpkin and scallion sauce

  • BIGGER AND BETTER The Myron group has been a growing company for 11 years now: Myron Papa

  • Mon and Monica Eugenio

  • Cappuccino of mushroom soup

  • Classic Spanish vermouth-based cocktail Marianito

  • Guilty chocolate cake

  • Fusilli with grilled chicken and blue cheese

    Myron’s steakhouse is one of a few local steak places in the metro that has garnered a significant following over the years because it continues to serve quality eats. My first taste of Myron’s steak was 10 years ago at its Rockwell branch. I remember eating a perfectly cooked ribeye—medium, good sear—that had the right amount of seasoning. And eating again at the restaurant after a decade is still such a treat.

    It has been doing good business for 11 years now, beginning with their first restaurant at Power Plant Mall in Rockwell, then in Greenbelt 5, and now at their new home at Ascott Residences in Makati.

    But the couple who owns the restaurant, Ramon and Monica Eugenio, started their food business in 2005, selling their famous Angus roast beef at a small stall at Salcedo Village’s weekend market. Both chefs, the two has extensive experiences in various restaurant and hotel kitchens here and abroad. Now, the two are full time entrepreneurs, running several restaurants under Myron’s group (Franco’s, The Flying Pan, Miguelito’s, etc.) and also operating the food and beverage (F&B) department of Ascott Residences. They closed down the Greenbelt 5 branch last year because of the new location’s close proximity.

    “As you can see, it’s a bigger opportunity for us. I think it’s the biggest challenge for Monica and I. We started at the Saturday market and then after 10 years we were able to move from a stall in Salcedo to running the F&B department of one of the major players in Makati,” Ramon says.

    It was in 2006 that they opened the first Myron’s restaurant, offering steak, ribs, and seafood. The couple explains that they got the name of the restaurant from Monica’s late father, Myron Papa. They wanted to create a legacy under the name of someone who loved entertaining and feeding people.

    “He loved to entertain people with only the best food and wine,” recalls Monica. “When it came to get-togethers at home, he was very conscious about the quality of food being served, and very generous with the servings. You go home happy and well fed after a date with Myron.”

    When thinking about the concept of the restaurant, Ramon and Monica wanted to have the kind of atmosphere during their family’s weekend gatherings at the Myron Papa’s house in Alabang.

    “Every time we would do family gatherings on Sundays, there was a lot of food, the whole table was full,” Ramon says. “He made sure even though you’re full, he was still feeding you. It was a quirky graciousness about him. That’s the kind of spirit we want to have here, good food—a lot of it—people are coming together, having a good time.”

    Good food is always a good indication why a restaurant survive for many years. Myron’s definitely has that selling factor. The restaurant is famous for its steaks and “The President” is its most popular steak dish. It’s a US boneless ribeye, perfectly seasoned and cooked, served sliced on a hot plate with a sprinkling of pink Himalayan salt and a side of French beans. This is best paired with Myron’s rice (cooked rice fried in steak juices) and a big glass of red.

    One of the must-try dishes includes the cappuccino of mushroom, a creamy and foamy mushroom soup served in a coffee cup with a thin bread stick. Another is the tiger prawns and US sea scallops with roasted pumpkin and creamy scallion sauce. Also, the big plate of fusilli with grilled chicken and blue cheese is a hearty and filling meal for those opting out of steak.

    The steak house is also offering a new additional cocktail on its bar menu, the Marianito. It’s a classic Spanish cocktail made of white vermouth, Campari, gin, and angostura bitters.

    Apart from doing Ascott’s daily breakfast, its executive lounge, and serving its 362 rooms, the group will also soon open a sandwich shop called M To Go at Ascott’s ground floor, which will offer sandwiches, breads, and pastries.


    Myron’s, 6th floor Ascott Residences, Makati City; 02 8898;; Facebook and Instagram/@myrons_ph

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    • franky breva

      For those who have poor health, such as high chol, heart probs, high blood, diabetes, fatty liver, and many more,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, watch out ,,,,,,,,, just watch out …… may be your last meal.