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7 Signs that you’ve found the Pedia of your dreams

Sometimes finding the right pedia for your child is like finding a soul mate!


By Loraine Balita-Centeno


Parents know that searching for the perfect pediatrician is like searching for a life partner. You might find yourself either getting it right the first time, or having to go through a few who will teach you a lesson in order for you to find the right one.

You meet them through friends, and family—kind of like going on a blind date when a friend would give recommendations and discuss how this person would be a perfect match before you meet him. Sometimes you get a random name from a list of doctors in your area, or fate brings you together; like when you go into a hospital during an emergency and you meet the only doctor accredited by your health card that day, who will eventually turn out to be the pedia of your dreams.

Want to know if he/she is the one? Here are some telltale signs that you’ve found the pedia you can stick to for years!

1. You trust him or her.

This should be the foundation of any relationship, even the one you have with your pedia. You have to feel that he/she is someone you can trust. Someone you can count on to genuinely have your child’s wellbeing, welfare, and interest at heart. It also helps that she is passionate about the profession, and curing children is a life mission and not just an occupation.

2. You know he/she loves children.

Does she find your child’s talkativeness and little antics amusing or irritating? Is she patient with your child, does she handle your child’s fears (of the needle for instance) with compassion and understanding?  Knowing that your pedia is fond of children and will accept them and their quirks will help you as a parent feel at ease.

3. You feel that his/her office is a no-judgment zone

It’s tough being a parent, especially when you feel like you are constantly being judged and criticized. But if you feel that your pedia’s office is a safe zone, one in which you can be free to ask questions, those you have been really meaning to ask, maybe you’ve found the right one for you.

The pedia of your dreams will never make you feel stupid for asking even the silliest parenting questions, and he/she will understand that parenting is a daunting task and at times some parents just don’t have a clue about what to do. They are patient and will explain to you the answer that will put you at ease at night, without a tinge of judgment and criticism.

4. You can be honest with your pedia

Some parents feel afraid to own up to parenting mistakes even if it could help the child’s treatment for fear of being judged or ridiculed. You’ll know if you’ve found the right pedia if you feel you can be honest with him or her. You can freely admit to making parenting mistakes and asking help to correct them. You can openly discuss your fears and worries without thinking if he/she would think it’s silly or petty.

5. You trust her/him to make your child undergo procedures only if they are necessary.

You know that she will make your child undergo procedures only when it’s necessary. You trust that she won’t force you or the child to go through anything if it’s not really needed. Procedures that are necessary are explained to you in detail. You are free to ask questions about it and find out if there are other options you can explore.

6. You trust in his/her capabilities

You trust that her training, experience, and expertise are enough to handle your kids’ health. You might have numbers one to five with your pedia but if you are not fully bilib (don’t have complete faith) as most would call it, you might find yourself eventually wandering off trying to find someone else in the long run. Does this pedia have the capabilities you truly believe in?

7. You feel that he/she can be a long-term partner in taking care of your kids.

Do you feel that your pedia is a true partner you can rely on to help you raise healthy kids? If you feel like she’s really part of the team, a crucial part of your child-rearing journey, then you just might have found the right one.

If you think you’ve found the one, congratulations! If you think you haven’t, don’t lose hope, just keep searching. Most of us go through a few ones before finding the right one that we can fully trust to help us raise happy, healthy children.

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  • Tommy None

    As long as the pediatrician is not a proponent of big pharma vaccine schedule, then good. If not, that’s an absolute deal-breaker. Physicians are taught to only prescribe drugs and not actually treating the ill. A patient that gets off medication is lost revenue.