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A scratch for every itch

8 Natural home remedies for mosquito bites


By  Angelu Rea Zafe


It’s still the rainy season and we’re still plagued with pesky mosquitoes. No matter how clean or guarded your home is, mosquitoes can still enter your home and bite your children or family members. Mosquito bites, no matter how small, should not be neglected for they can be harmful not only to our skin but also to our health.

Remember, more than the mosquito bites being irritable and itchy, these bites can also transmit diseases. Here are 8 remedies for mosquito bites that you can do at the comforts of your home to help you stop the itch:


1. Vinegar

Applying vinegar is one of the easiest ways to treat a mosquito bite. It will quickly help ease the itching and also heal the wound.


2. Bar of soap

Rubbing a dry bar of soap directly on the part bitten by a mosquito will help heal the bite. Aside from healing it completely, it will also help provide temporary relief from itch.


3. Baking Soda paste

Mixing baking soda with water will create a paste-like texture that will help reduce swelling and subside itching.


4. Toothpaste 

Applying a small amount of all-natural peppermint or neem-based toothpaste and allowing it to dry for a few minutes will help heal the bite quickly.


5. Garlic

You can also try rubbing a piece of raw garlic on your bite.  It will definitely relieve you of the itching and swelling. The smell of garlic also helps repel mosquitoes.


6.  Salt paste

Just like the procedure with the baking soda paste, all you have to do is mix the salt with a small amount of water until you achieve a paste-like texture. Afterwards, apply the salt paste directly to your bite.   Itching will subside in a few minutes.


7. Oils

Tea tree, rosemary, witch hazel, lavender and more are just few of the essential oils that can help with the mosquito bites. All you have to do is take a small amount of your chosen oil, dilute it with water and directly apply it to the affected area.


8. Ice

This is probably the simplest remedy for a mosquito bite. Aside from numbing the affected area, ice also limits the distribution of inflammatory substances to the bite part.

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