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Chores that can wait

Yes, you can set these tasks aside for later


By Joyce Reyes-Aguila


When it comes to the home, most of us have become expert multitaskers. Parents are able to help their kids with homework while they wait for the beef cubes to marinate. Some can clean the kitchen counter as the washing machine finishes a load of clothes. Our busy schedules have made us masters at maximizing time – accomplishing a lot of things simultaneously.

While busy with chores, we often wish we could set all of it aside to spend more time with our loved ones. It is often hard to balance doing what is necessary for our home and spending time with family. By the time all the to-dos are done, everyone is likely getting ready for bed. Along with our chores, the day is done as well.

But what if we can delay some chores in exchange for quality time with family? Like a number of e-mails and online posts, there are tasks at home that can be dealt with later. And in exchange for setting these aside, you get to enjoy a television show with your kids or talk about weekend plans with your spouse before you sleep.


Choosing a small home project.

Cleaning the microwave oven or coffee maker may seem harmless – a task that should just take a few minutes, you tell yourself. Move tasks like these to Saturday mornings, when the kids usually wake up later. Choose your battles when it comes to chores. Never think you are settling for less when you earn extra time with your loved ones.


Taking out the trash.

 If garbage collection is not scheduled the next day, preparing for it can wait. After you see the trash the entire family accumulates the morning after, you’ll be more than happy you waited.


Picking up the toys.

Leave Peppa Pig and George on the floor for now.Enjoying playtime will do your children good on schooldays. It relieves them of the stress and allows them to bond with the family. If the toys are scattered in designated play areas at home, you can leave them be. Anyway Peppa and George will likely resume their therapeutic duties the following day.


Fixing your home office.

Leaving the office should also mean ending any work-related task for the day. Suspend any plans to attend to paper clutter or clear your laptop’s desktop. You will not only miss everyone else’s bedtime but also yours! Many online parenting blogs discuss how parents gladly put off chores when they are reminded of how fast kids grow up. Enjoy these years when you can enter their rooms freely and when you are more than welcome to stay!


Vacuuming and tidying corners.

Tasks that are physically demanding can be put off – and we don’t mean after a long day at the office. When we decide to clear a corner or a room, we usually end up doing more. Tackling one chore reminds us of other chores, demanding more time and effort from us. The energy you have left at night is best used eating ice cream with your loved ones.


Attending to after-dinner dishes.

Any dish used for coffee or ice cream can probably be washed the next day. Spend the time reading bedtime stories to your children or talking to them before they sleep. Some parents feel guilty when they leave a mug or two on the sink. Give yourself a pass and enjoy the night with your spouse or little ones.

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