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Cook up some color and class for your kitchen

Hue deserve to update its look


By Joyce Reyes-Aguila


Yes, you should realize a better-looking kitchen! When we think of ways to reward ourselves at home, we almost never think of this busy part of our home. We want a bigger television for the den, or a new mattress to sleep on. The couch can look livelier with a new set of pillows.  It usually takes years (and some chipping and major scratching) to make us contemplate a kitchen update.

Different factors contribute to this neglect. Renovating the kitchen is not easy on the pocket and, unlike purchasing new throw pillows, it takes longer to accomplish. Having new cabinets or flooring installed can sound costly; but what about paint?  Or how about a dash of color for a makeover? Choosing the right hues for your kitchen will change its overall vibe and will encourage family to hang out there even more. We searched for ways to incorporate color into your kitchen. Let the color transformation begin!

Cook up some color and class for your kitchen mb1

Earth-inspired hues.

Welcome your kitchen guests with a reminder of blue skies, green leaves, or even the sun. Colors of nature exude a warm feeling that lends a friendly feel to a room. Earth tones you can choose from are brick red, brown, khaki, tan, and burnt sienna. Look around and realize the options are infinite. says that a bland theme when opting for earth colors can be prevented by good lighting and “mixing different textures, patterns, and details.” Achieve this by wisely choosing wall art and furniture in your kitchen.

Cook up some color and class for your kitchen mb2

White with anything.

Not yet ready to part with the clean effect the color white gives to your kitchen? Paint the interiors of your open shelves or glass-front cabinets to serve as the room’s accent. If you want something different, look around for wallpaper patterns to add more personality to your kitchen.

Cook up some color and class for your kitchen mb3

Black and white.

This is the combination chosen by homeowners who want a modern look for their kitchens. Infuse your kitchen with some texture, advises Pair the room with a striped rug or choose a pair of chandeliers on the ceiling for what the website describes as an “unexpected twist.”

Cook up some color and class for your kitchen mb4

Gray, ivory, cream.

Home experts at suggest this combination for a “neutral zone” feel. Incorporate these three colors if you are going for a classy, spacious feel. Having neutral colors are advantageous to homeowners who frequently update accessories in their kitchen.

Cook up some color and class for your kitchen mb5

Going metal.

A kitchen with metallic finishes is a trend featured by home remodeling and design online site contributor Sam Ferris early this year. He writes that “metal will assume a more dominant role in kitchen aesthetics and trump wood as the range hood of choice.” Going metal will also allow you to enjoy next year’s expected “fixation on neutral color tones,” Ferris adds. Consider copper, brass or bronze for your lighting fixtures, faucets, and cabinet pulls.

Cook up some color and class for your kitchen mb16

Select a corner to be a star.

If you are cautiously approaching your kitchen transformation, start by coloring a small part. It can be the window frame, the bottom kitchen cabinets – whatever you are ready to risk performing a color change on. At times, a little splash of color is all you need to transform a room.

Cook up some color and class for your kitchen mb7

Your ever-dependable accent color.

If you are completely happy with the present hues of your kitchen, there are plenty of options to incorporate another color. Your kitchen stools, vases, carpet and even wall décor are accents that can add personality to your kitchen. Try to place a bouquet of flowers in an orange vase instead of your go-to glass holder.

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