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Bathroom call

Things to Throw Out – Right Now


By Joyce Reyes-Aguila


Bathroom call mb1

Is the bathroom your sanctuary at home? People can spend hours in it from answering Nature’s call, or even reading books or browsing their social networks. More spacious ones have become extensions of our bedroom – a place to pamper ourselves and relax in.

Truly, when kept clutter-free, the bathroom can be a restful haven from the hustle and bustle of the world, according to The Organized Life author Stephanie Denton. “Just because others don’t see (it), doesn’t mean it’s okay to neglect (your bathroom). In a sense, (it) is more important to organize well because (it is one of the) first places you see in the morning and last you see at night.” Denton continues that some simple actions to maintain its orderliness include putting away clothes or returning the towel to its rack.

Our busy schedules often leave little time to check on items inside the bathroom, including those who are overstaying or misplaced. Decluttering your bath provides you with more space and a clearer sense of what you have in terms of supplies. Remove these insignificant items right away to maximize your space and make your bath safer and cleaner.

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 Beauty and health items you got for free.

Who does not love free samples, or even bringing home hotel toiletries from trips abroad? Remember these items have a shelf life, too. Use them soon if they are in good condition or throw them away. Some people have stopped taking home shampoos, conditioners, lotions from their hotels to be more environment-friendly. When not recycled or disposed of properly, it does the planet bad even if it makes you smell good.

Bathroom call mb3

Anything that no longer does the job.

How long will it take for you to be emotionally ready to let go of last year’s toothbrush?Get rid of combs, hairbrushes you no longer use. Inspect your nail cutters, tweezers, and razors for rusting. Continuous use of these sharp objects can actually infect you with tetanus.Assess the state of your cleaning brushes and tools, and keep only what is frequently used or still in condition to do the job.

Bathroom call mb4

Pampering projects that did not work out.

If you tried to put together a home spa but have not used it since, bid it goodbye. Like clothes we say will fit in time, these items may never really serve us. Nail files, buffers, and even exfoliating creams should not have space in your bath if you are frequently going to the mall for a foot spa and pedicure. Accept defeat and reward yourself with additional space in your bathroom.

Bathroom call mb5

Expired items.

You may have switched shampoo brands or tried a moisturizer that simply did not do its job. Chances are, the containers of these skin care and bath products are still inside your bathroom. Unused or expired items post health risks and can be a suitable place for bacteria to build up. Exposure to heat, lack of moisture, and time itself affects the quality of these products. Empty these containers before recycling its bottles. It is not a pretty sight to have products that show signs of discoloration when you have guests over as well.

Bathroom call mb6

Anything that is empty or almost empty.

We always want to make every penny count, thus the bottles that are turned upside down so we can apply the last few drops of lotion. At the same time, some of us hoard when our go-to products are on sale. All of them end up cramped in one space, often leaving the older products out of sight and forgotten. The ending: when you finally have time to sort, the last few drops of lotion you wanted to use to maximize your money went to waste.

Bathroom call mb7

The part of your beauty section you no longer visit.

Organizers suggest doing an inventory of items you have. Best-selling author Marie Kondo of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing suggests categorizing items of the same kind to know how many you have, and help you assess how many you need to keep. Sort your makeup products based on what you use daily, and for travel. Newer items can be kept in a separate container for easy access and inventory.

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