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Undas hangover


  • Elegant Heritage (Vinod Thomas)

  • Untitled (Samuel Andre C. Mcdonald)

  • Untitled (Robert Joseph P. Abella)

  • On the Way to Pulag (Liza Hechanova)

  • Untitled (Gladys P. Rafols)

  • My Trampoline Effect (Janna Micaela E. Hernandez)

  • Mychie Gomez (Jeffrey Delfin)

  • Untitled (Annaly F. Cuizon)

  • Moored (John Kenneth Ilao Manalo)

  • Light Trails (Glenn Santiago)

    By Raffy Paredes

    Researchers at MIT have developed a computer that transforms a regular face or place into something out of your worst nightmare. Pinar Yanardag, Manuel Cebrian, and Iyad Rahwan, the trio behind the device have aptly called it the Nightmare Machine. Visit http://nightmare.mit.edu to see what the machine has done using AI. The site also invites visitors to vote on the haunted faces to help their algorithm learn scariness (PetaPixel).

    Have you ever thought about what happens to a person’s digital assets when she passes away? A BBC article early this year by Brandon Ambrosino says that just eight years after Facebook was launched, 30 million users with Facebook accounts had died. Some estimates claim that more than 8,000 users die each day. The article further states that: “At some point in time, there will be more dead Facebook users than living ones. Facebook is agrowing and unstoppable digital graveyard.” Many Facebook users who have passed away are “memorialized” and their profile marked with “remembering.” But there are also many others who are not memorialized and continue to populate FB feeds. Facebook is but one platform where people have digital presence. Some people have accounts in many others. It may therefore a good idea for people to leave clear instructions about what should happen to their digital assets and digital presence after their death. Having a list of online accounts would make it easier for family members to piece together the deceased’s digital legacy and adhere to their wishes. There may also be sensitive information among the digital assets left behind that must be removed lest these be hacked and used by unscrupulous elements (BBC, Telegraph).

    If you want to have a memorial of a loved one that will always be accessible to you, try the app RIPCemetery, available for iOS and Android devices. This web and mobile application is an online social community that brings people together to celebrate the life and memory of a loved one or even a pet. It claims to be the world’s first Virtual Cemetery that allows users to come together in a private and intimate online space to share their feelings, leave a gift or dedication and share photos. Access is free but there are in-app purchases.

    And now to our featured readers.

    Janna Micaela Hernandez, a grade 9 student at the Canossa College San Pablo and first-time contributor sent in the photo titled “My Trampoline Effect.” She took the photo with a smartphone.

    From Annaly Cuizon is an untitled sunset photo taken in Kalanggaman Island in Leyte. “It was summertime of May 2016 when I and common friends decided to visit the beautiful island which we just usually see in online images,” shares Annaly. “The place is a real paradise. It has blue and clear waters that really make you want to splash and have fun.”

    Gladys Rafols shares a silhouette photo taken by Manila Bay. “I love silhouette photography, kaya kahit taga-Marikina ako talagang naglalakbay pa sa Roxas Blvd. just to take some shots after duty ko sa school,” she writes. “Iba ang dating sa akin ang silhouettes, parang nakukuha ko rin ang iba’t-ibang kaluluwa nila by different gestures!”

    Glenn Santiago submitted the night photo, “Light Trails.” He shares: “This was a long exposure shot somewhere in Merlion Park, Singapore. During the shot, a few boats passed by causing the light trails which I was not expecting but somehow I liked it.”

    John Kenneth Manalo relates that his photo titled “Moored” won 5th place in Photo Of the Year on Click on Clicks. “The photo was taken in San Teodoro, Mabini, Batangas (also known as Anilao),” shares John.“This place is a world-famous diving site because of the many marine life and macro species. This is of one my best captured photos because of the calm sea and the amazing sunset. I used my Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime to take the picture but some thought it was taken using a DSLR camera. I like receiving comments like that, because it shows that even if I don’t have the right equipment for it, I was able to capture it the way I wanted it to be and it somehow makes me think that someday I could be a professional photographer.”

    Samuel Andre Mcdonald of Pasay City contributed the photo of a flying egret taken in Manila Bay. Samuel shares that he is a father of three kids and has been shooting as a hobby for three years now.

    From Vinod Thomas is “Elegant Heritage,” a photo of a house interior in Pili.

    Liza Hechanova sent in the landscape photo, “On the Way to Pulag.”

    Jeffrey Delfin shares his photo of one of the festival queens representing the town of Palauig in last year’s Street Dancing Competition at Mango Festival in Zambales, Mychie Gomez.

    And the untitled black-and-white photo of a street barber at work comes from Robert Joseph “RJ”  Abella.


    Readers may now view issues of Picture Perfect including this column at www.mb.com.ph.

    For comments, suggestions or just to share an image or idea, email throughalensclearly@yahoo.com or rfyparedes@yahoo.com.

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