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Why Carabao’s milk

Or why it suits Filipinos better than cow’s milk


By Cheshire Que, RND, RN, RD

When I was a child, my mom bugged me to death to drink milk. It was supposed to make me a healthy kid. Over three decades after, the Internet tells me that milk or dairy in general is bad for my health. What then is the real score?

carabao milk mb

Consumers are concerned about the effect of dairy on the IGF-1 level in the body. It is a hormone that supports growth and development. It is vital during childhood. In adulthood, high levels promote abnormal growth of cells; increase the risk of cancer and possibly even acne! While it is true that IGF-1 levels increase with dairy consumption, it has not been proven to cause cancer. Unless one is lactose intolerant, the benefits of moderate dairy consumption on a daily basis outweigh effects of the slight increase in the insulin-like growth factor 1. In addition, we should consider eating habits and an individual’s lifestyle that influence the production of IGF-1, for instance, high intake of refined sugars and being sedentary.

Dairy products are high sources of calcium, which promotes muscle and bone health. This mineral also prevents colon cancer. Dairy comes in many forms, from milk to yogurt to butter and cheeses. It also comes from a variety of sources, the most common being cow’s milk. Ninety-eight percent of our milk and dairy products in the country are imported according to the Department of Agriculture’s Philippine Carabao Center. So let’s get closer to home and learn more about our very own hardworking national animal—the carabao or kalabaw, also known as water buffalo.

The carabao produces thicker and creamier milk due to its higher content of fat and protein compared to cow or goat’s milk. Now you’re thinking, it must be unhealthy because of all the fat. Wait, there’s more! Carabao’s milk is more nutritious because it has 58 percent more calcium, 40 percent more protein, and 43 percent less cholesterol than cow’s milk. Carabaos are also typically grass-fed.

For the love of her country, social entrepreneur and founder of CalaBoo Creamery, Marie Cavosora in partnership with the Philippine Carabao Center and Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm, commits to building the Filipino dream of ending poverty for smallholder farmer by providing naturally nutritious, dairy options to discerning consumers.

CalaBoo seeks to raise awareness on three important things for Filipinos to fall in love with our country and come together to build the Filipino dream of ending poverty in our lifetime. “Filipinos are capable of and deserve excellence. No more awa, we want hanga. Choosing local products and brands is an effective way to wield our considerable consumer power to help build our nation and generate shared prosperity. As an enterprise, we are committed to produce quality, local alternatives—no ‘pity purchase,’” she says. “Nothing beats natural, minimally processed, locally grown or produced foods, when it comes to nutrition and wellness.”

CalaBoo products are made fresh. It is also set to be available at Lifescience Center for Health and Wellness in BGC and at Salcedo Weekend Market.

Visit calaboo.com and calaboo.marketa.ph for more details. 63 997 732 3544; calaboodream@gmail.com for inquiries.

cheshireque@gmail.com; www.cheshireque.com; Instagram/@cheshirequerdn

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