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Start the year right


By Cheshire Que, RND, RN, RD

We’ve all eaten something we consider “bad” over the holidays. That’s given. Whether you’ve overindulged or practiced portion control, it’s time to forget about the guilt feelings that stem from eating pleasurably last year. Start anew this 2017 and regain your health through sound wellness advice. Beware of quack nutritionists or wellness gurus who are lurking everywhere ready to pounce on you while promising instant weight loss to the detriment of your total well being or worse, increase the risk of you getting ill.


Be wise! Spot fad diets and bogus wellness programs crafted by quacks:

Juicing—Although it has some health benefits, purely juicing is not for everyone. If you engage in strenuous physical activities and perform work that require a great deal of thinking, this diet may cause headache, dizziness, and fatigue. Individuals with diabetes and kidney problems should never try this because it may cause fluctuations in blood sugar level as well as increase potassium in the blood.

Very low calorie meal plans—Any caloric intake less than 1,000 calories without supplementation will surely lead to nutrient deficiencies. It will definitely make you lose weight but it will only be water and muscle loss. Drastic weight loss may lead to gallstone formation because the body will begin to produce more cholesterol. In addition, it will make you lose muscle strength. Each person has specific caloric needs per day based on his or her height, physical activity, and even health condition. Therefore consuming 1,200 kcal a day is not the sole solution to healthy weight loss and achieving optimum health.

Low carb diet—Carbohydrates is the source of the body’s preferred fuel—glucose. Avoiding it will not only cause hypoglycemia or low blood sugar level characterized by dizziness, cold clammy feeling, irritability, and other undesirable and dangerous symptoms but will likewise affect the metabolism of fat and protein negatively. It will also lead to increased food cravings. Instead of depriving yourself with carbohydrates, choose the ones that contain fiber and less refined sugars like whole grains, vegetables, and fruits.

High protein diet—Protein is used to build muscles, enzymes, and is practically found all over the body. It plays a huge role in boosting the immune system as well as responsible for various vital chemical processes in the body. Some individuals like athletes, children, pregnant women, cancer, and burn patients, the elderly and others with medical conditions need a higher protein consumption but most of us need only about 10 to 15 percent of protein from our total caloric allowance per day. Excessive protein intake will damage your kidneys and liver. It will also increase your uric acid level which may lead to stone formation.

It’s easy to fall prey to the false promises of quacks especially when you want a quick fix type of weight loss program but always remember the price you have to pay in terms of overall health in the future. That is why when it comes to your health, don’t take chances. Let a professional take care of you. Consult a registered nutritionist-dietitian for a science-based weight management plan and have yourself assessed by a medical doctor before going on a weight loss program.;; Instagram:@cheshirequerdn

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