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What is your biggest health resolution in 2017?



For this year, what I want to do is to explore new activities that I have not done before. I still want to maintain and improve on my fitness level. I want to reach new heights, so to speak. I don’t want to lose my strength. I still dream of more muscle cuts and lower body fat.

When I was still doing power lifting, friends were asking me to move to bodybuilding. But I don’t want to do steroids. Until late last year, I attended this seminar put up by bodybuilders who dared to say no to drugs. They put up their own group and are advocating natural bodybuilding. So now, I’m stoked. It may be a long process, but I am willing to see how far I can go. — Ruby Gan, entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast


Listen to my body more and be more compassionate toward it. —Sara Black, photographer


My biggest health resolution in 2017 is to be the fittest and healthiest I’ve ever been by getting into a regular exercise routine (I haven’t had one in more than a decade), and having a healthier diet by eating more veggies, less sweets, and minimizing processed food.

I realize that my health goals are very basic because I’m starting out. And now that I’m 1.5 years away from the big 5-0, I want to ensure that I’m healthier than ever.—Apples Aberin, head of PR, Unilever


Having a fit body and soul! “your hair is your best accessory” so I make sure it’s healthy! —Lourd Ramos, hairstylist and entrepreneur


Ever since I did the Camino de Santiago last year I’ve been trying to stay away from carbs to avoid gaining back the belly I already lost. I’ve also been avoiding sugar and for the longest time, I’ve cut down on salt. I recently discovered the wonderful thing that is rolled oats, which I have for breakfast every day.

My biggest health resolution this year is to eat better, drink more water, and keep a more positive mindset to keep me sane for the next 360+ days. —Alexei Villaraza, PR practitioner


I plan to eat healthier and walk regularly in 2017. I am going to be a ninang this June for my niece’s wedding in the US. I would like to lose at least 20 lbs. I am tracking down my progress on my Apple watch. — Girlie Rodis, owner and president of Global Resource Creative Exchange, Inc. and president of Culturtain Musicat Productions, Inc.


I have tried and failed to maintain regular meal schedules over the years. I’ve been told so many times that skipping meals or not eating on time can affect

the body’s regular rhythm and jolts normal body functions. I managed to eat well and eat on time over the holiday break and that seemed to have helped me to not gain weight. I hope to be able to do that in 2017. —Richard Arboleda, president and COO of Eon Group


I’ve realized that no matter how busy we are, we need to find time to stay fit. I resolved to start getting enough exercise by going to the gym more regularly this year. —Marina Benipayo, model


My biggest health resolution is to lessen or eradicate bingeing on junk food or food items with empty calories. —Greggy Romualdez III,  external affairs head, TEAM ENERGY


Quit sugar. —Danah Gutierrez, blogger and body acceptance advocate


To drink more water and less soda! —Shaira Luna, photographer

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