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(LOOK) Miss U beauties and their baggage


The 65th Miss Universe frenzy is heating up as candidates continue to pour in, bringing with them the collective pride and joy of the countries they each represent.

But some curious Filipino netizens are talking about something else: the variety of the luggage each candidates carried.

Just like the Miss Universe beauties themselves, their bags and suitcases arrived in various shapes, sizes, colors—and quantity.

One must be wondering how much some candidates paid for their excess baggage.

  • Ms. Netherlands: Because #LaglagBala fear is REAL?
    (Pageant watchers are already in love with Miss N, btw, FYI)

  • Ms. Thailand: “Higa muna ako, bes. Kakapagod magbitbit ng sampung bagelya.”

  • Ms. Indonesia: May or may not have brought her own vendo machine with her. And is that a… refrigerator?
    (also: Beaucon watchers are pegging her as another early fave.)

  • Ms. Germany: This photo says: “I’m a free spirit and material possessions do not encumber me.”

  • Ms. Bulgaria: Hindi bulgaria ang luggage. We like.

  • Ms. British Virgin Islands: We sense a kindred spirit of OC-ness in Ms. British Virgin Islands.

  • Ms. Angola: Color coordinated or nothing. (Unfortunately, she could only find one yellow bag #wekid)
    Will Angola’s radiantly pakak smile help her bring home the crown? (She would need another bag for that, btw).

  • Ms. Great Britain: May have brought her own lighting equipment and tripod. (That, or she’s going camping?)
    PS: Regal, baby

  • Ms. Malaysia: May also be worried about the #LaglagBala thingy?
    (She looks a little bit like Anne Hathaway? Also: pegged to be a shoo-in.)

  • Ms. Slovak Republic: We want a special Lifetime Citation award given to Ms. Slovak Republic for wearing six inch heels while carrying that huge, red bag. #TiisGanda

  • Ms. US Virgin Islands: May have been stressed at the luggage carousel because she couldn’t remember which bag was hers.
    (PS: Au naturel looks are so refreshing.)

  • Ms. Vietnam: Has officially given Ms. Thailand a run for her money in the Padamihan-ng-Bag challenge.

  • Ms. Ukraine: Kudos for the animal print luggage. You’re already a winner in our book.

  • Ms. Puerto Rico: Her no-nonsense luggage means business.That, or she borrowed these from her parents.
    (Mukhang superstar na. #majorthreat)

  • Ms. Paraguay: Andrea will never lose her luggage. Never. #segurista

  • Ms. Singapore: Beautiful, lah. Can you imagine trying to pee wearing this romper in a miniscule airplane bathroom? You can’t, but Ms. SG can.
    Girl, you so fetch in that red outfit. (Buti na lang 3 hours away lang ang SG.)

  • Ms. France: The walwal-agad-pag landing vibe is strong on Ms. France. Winner.

  • Ms. Chile: Parang galing lang grocery si ate. Green kung green. Pak.
    (Seriously though: Beautiful, strong features and a face you won’t forget.)

  • Ms. Portugal: May have brought her own background thingy to set off her perfect olive skin.

  • Ms. Sweden: “I can pak pak pose like this because hindi ko dinala ang buong bahay ko, no. PAK PAK PAK!”
    Also, yes to sensible shoes when traveling.

  • Ms. Denmark: Beautiful, Barbie blonde hair, don’t care (if I only have one LV luggage.) Madam, we are not worthy!
    (Who here feels like Barbie just came to life, like, literally)

  • Ms. Kazakhstan: “Ang dami kong bag. Boys, tulungan n’yo ako! Magmadali! Kung ayaw niyong… Kazakhstan!”
    (PS: Ms. K is an early fave… we’re not surprised.)

    (Photo Captions by Manila Bulletin Lifestyle)

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