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17 Ways to make the Fire Rooster crow about how lucky this year will be for you

Tip: Get A Haircut Today!


By Princess Lim Fernandez

17 ways mb1

1. Prepare for the New Year by giving your home a thorough cleaning from outside to in and from top to bottom.

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2. Declutter! For new and better things to come into your home this year, you need to make room.

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3. If any repair work needs to be done in the South, East, West or Northwest of your home, make sure to have majority of the works done before Feb. 3.

17 ways mb44. Do thanksgiving on Saturday, Jan. 21 by offering a thanksgiving mass. Pass by your place of worship and offer a prayer of thanks for the blessings received this past year and for the lessons learned.

5. Get a haircut before the night of Jan. 27. Auspicious dates to get a haircut are today, Jan. 22 Sunday, Jan. 24 Tuesday, and Jan. 25 Wednesday.

6. Go shopping for the prosperity symbols to put in your house on Chinese New Year’s Eve. Have five kinds of round fruits in pairs on your dining table along with tikoy, cake, and fresh flowers. Have a FAT FAT Wealth Enhancer, too.

7. On Jan. 27, bathe in water that was boiled in pomelo leaves to symbolize starting the year fresh. Put on new underwear in your personal lucky color.

8. Celebrate and welcome in the New Year on Jan. 27 at 10 p.m. by joining any of Chinese New Year’s Eve celebrations in the city, from the New World Makati Hotel to the Manila Hotel to the ones in Binondo. Being in a celebratory and fun environment surrounded by happy and positive people at the start of the Chinese New Year helps set the tone for your year ahead.

9. On Jan. 28, greet everyone a “Happy New Year!” or “Gong Xi Fa Cai!” Spend time in the company of your loved ones. Your minds must also be prepared to greet good luck and the New Year properly. Only honeyed words should come out of the mouth today.

17 ways mb5

10. On Jan. 28, the first day of the Lunar year, avoid using knives or scissors or sharp objects. Avoid sweeping, vacuuming on the first day lest you sweep away the good luck from the house.

17 ways mb6

11. Celebrate the first day of spring on Feb. 3, which also happens to be “Everybody’s Birthday.” Bond over a meal with noodles for longevity, whole fish for abundance, and sweet rising cake for growth and harmony.

17 ways mb7

12. Note that your luck based on your zodiac sign (year, month, day, and time of birth) will give you an idea of what’s in store for the coming year and how to prepare for it, but that is only one part of the picture. The feng shui in your home and work space will also affect your luck. Best scenario is that your luck is good this year and your feng shui is also good. But in cases when your personal luck is dim, it is even more important to pay attention to your feng shui arrangement as this is something you can do something about.

13. As the year changes so do the energies surrounding us. The yearly stars will bring auspicious and inauspicious energies to different directions of the home. On the first day of spring, which is Feb. 3, cure the affected areas of the home like the South, East, West, and Northwest. Always remember to “Cure first before enhancing.” Install the correct and appropriate feng shui cure if any key area of your home falls in these said directions. For assistance visit the Yin and Yang Shop of Harmony at the New World Makati Hotel. Try not to stir up the inauspicious energies in these affected directions.

14. Enhance and motivate the auspicious stars in the home, which are in the Southeast, Northeast, North, and Center. Ensure that these areas are kept neat, clean, and clutter-free to allow the auspicious energies to come.

17 ways mb8

15. For the signs whose luck is weak this year like the Rabbit, Snake, Monkey, and Goat plan your year well and conservatively. Always have a Plan B. Aim to adopt a healthy lifestyle and have a good work-life balance.  Adapt a positive mindset because as the saying goes “A smile can erase a million worries.”

16. For the signs that have good luck in store for them this coming year like the Dragon, Horse, and Dog, make the most of the opportunities the year will bring. Prepare and plan well as opportunity only knocks once.

17 ways mb9

17. Be thankful for the blessings and lessons given to you. Pray, do charity work, don’t speak ill of others, be happy, positive, and kind.

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