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Bring it on, Fire Rooster

Feng shui expert Princess Lim Fernandez revaeals the lucky charms for this year


By Sara Grace C. Fojas
Video by Mc Jerome Baluyot and Juan Carlo Villanueva
Images by Pinggot Zulueta

Put out your round fruits, hard sweet candy, a round cake that rises, and your tikoy because the Year of the Fire Rooster is about to start. Make sure you surround yourself with happy positive people to ensure that the whole year will bring in good vibes only. Get rid of the old clutter to make room for new blessings.

According to feng shui expert Princess Lim Fernandez, you have to start cleaning  your home as early as Jan. 22.

“They can start from the garden to the inside of their house to get rid of clutter and the things they no longer use. Maybe somebody else can have better use for  them. You need to have room for the new blessings to come. After you clean everything, put a feast on your dining table consisting of five kind round fruits (nothing sour, no black seeds, and not a pear). Also put a round hard sweet candy and then put a round cake that rises because it symbolizes growth and of course tikoy because it’s the Chinese New Year. They should have simple wealth charm also in their dining room or on their table, so it can be like a wealth bowl or it can be a fatfat for wealth enhancing,” says Princess. “On Jan. 28 spend the day with your loved ones and only honey words should come out of everybody’s mouth. Try to minimize or avoid sweeping or vacuuming on that day. Also to prepare for the New Year you should have a haircut to shed the bad luck of the year that passed.”

Feng shui expert Princess Lim Fernandez

Feng shui expert Princess Lim Fernandez

But before we start to ask for good things this coming year, we have to say thank you on Jan. 21, for the blessings we received and for the things we learned.

“Maybe for some the Fire Monkey was not that kind but there were lessons learned there and things that you should also be thankful for because you learned from it. So on Jan. 21, it will be good to have a thanksgiving mass or pass by your personal place of worship, light a candle, and say thank you,” she says.

The incoming Chinese New Year is going to start on Jan. 28 and will be celebrated on the eve of Jan. 27. But the energy of the Fire Rooster will start to come in on Feb. 3, 11:36 p.m. The Fire Rooster has a unique combination—metal and fire.

“Fire melts metal, so given that certain harmony in the relation of fire and metal, it means that there might be potential conflict. The fire of the rooster this year is candle light fire. If you properly nurture the fire it will stay, but it can also get extinguished, so that’s why those who will come out successful are those who are very flexible, those who are quick to act, and those who know how to think out of the box. Given the characteristic of the Fire Rooster, it is very volatile, not very harmonious, but for those who know how to withstand the pressure, they can come out on top,” says Princess.

This is also the year of romance and relationships because the rooster is one of the signs of the Zodiac that represent romance, not only in relation to love but also good relationships with colleagues and friends and the support of family and loved ones.

  • Mag Pie Put it in the center of the house to create good harmony in the home and to foster good relationships.

  • Lucky Pouch Put P168 inside and carry it with you throughout the year. It contains special elements inside for removing negative energy.

  • Garlic of Opportunity It will help open up possibilities and opportunities.

  • Longevity Peach Best for all heads of households and businesses for good health

  • Voracious Tian Lu A very powerful fortune and wealth enhancer. It summons good fortune and find benefactors while guarding and protecting the owner

    How to Have a Fortuitous Year

    • Red, orange, magenta, purple, pink, fuchsia, and green are the lucky colors for this year. These are the colors you should wear when you attend celebrations. On regular days, your lucky color is based on your birthday. Make sure also to wear new underwear on the eve of Chinese New Year.
    • If you look at the chart of the year, the North West is where the sickness star is located. Northwest represents the head of the family, company, state, or organization. Because the North West has the sickness star it is best to put the Longevity Peach there, especially if it’s in the master bedroom, head office, or CEO’s office. The Longevity Peach is for good health.
    • The wealth star has a hidden Three Killer star. Unlike last year, when wealth came, it came unimpeded. This year when wealth comes there is always a hindrance. Money luck will come to those who work for it but it will take several steps. So one item that they can put in the house to double or to enhance the money luck is Voracious Tian Lu, a very powerful wealth enhancer.
    • Those who will come out successful this year are those who know how to be creative, innovative, and flexible. Long Yu is an item to put under the study table or work desk to help you come up with more creative ideas and to think out of the box. Long Yu is a dragon head fish.
    • Money might not come as smoothly into your pocket so carry the Lucky Pouch of the year and put P168 inside and you carry with you throughout the year. It contains special elements inside for removing negative energy. Next Chinese New Year, deposit the P168 in the bank.
    • The Garlic of Opportunity is for those whose luck is not so strong for the year. If they put garlic opportunity in the North East of their home, it will help open up possibilities and opportunities.
    • In the center of the chart this year is the romance star. The Mag Pie charm is very good to put in the center of the house to create good harmony in the home and to foster good relationships. It is also good to put one in the center of the office so that there is good camaraderie and good team work.

    Things to Watch out For

    • For the signs that are not lucky this year especially the Rabbit, the Rooster, the Dog, the Fire Horse, the Water Horse, and the Rat, they are a little bit under a bit pressure this year so they should try to know ahead of time what to expect so that they can plan better. If you know your luck is not so strong for the year, you have to adopt a positive mindset.
    • The signs that are lucky this year like the Dragon, plan the year well because opportunity only knocks once. Be quick to react and maximize your potential this year.
    • The Year of the Fire Rooster is generally quite hot. So in terms of health, watch out for skin and for respiratory-related illness like the flu. Also watch out for your heart and blood pressure. Always have active water or some water feature in your home to help the balance.

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