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It’s up to us

Being a hands-on mama


By Amanda Griffin Jacob

Motherhood has inspired me like nothing else has. I absolutely love being a mom. We have to remember that great responsibility comes with being a mother. It is our fundamental duty to love our babies, protect them, and provide the very best for them that our circumstances allow. I don’t mean that in the monetary sense. What I mean is we need to educate ourselves. Knowledge and awareness are our principal instruments when it comes to being the best parent we can be. We live in the age of information that’s only a keystroke away. A privilege our own parents didn’t have. The choices you make for your children now have an impact that lasts a lifetime. You need to invest your time in research. I can’t stress how incredibly important it is.

Present Perfect. The author's fundamental duty as a  mom is to love, protect, and provide the best for her children.

Present Perfect. The author’s fundamental duty as a mom is to love, protect, and provide the best for her children.

I am a hands-on mama and I make sure I do my due diligence on all subjects that pertain to my children. This encompasses the gamut from skincare, to household products, to schools, parenting styles, and nourishment for development. For example, when it comes to products that I use for my children and the house I have researched this subject comprehensively and I always strive to use products (and support the companies who make them) that have the least chemicals and nasties in them so that my children aren’t exposed. This is an ongoing study for me as information is constantly updating and changing with each passing year. You’d be surprised at how many conventional hygiene and cleaning products are composed of substances that are detrimental to a child’s development and health. This includes every day household items that you may not even think of. Take laundry detergent as an example. Opt to use ones that are non-toxic, biodegradable, phosphate-free, VOC-free, solvent-free, and petroleum-free because even though you’re not putting detergent directly onto your child, you are washing his clothes in it and that transfers to his skin as soon as he puts the piece(s) of clothing on. When shopping for grooming items for your kids, please make sure that there are no parabens, phthalates, and formaldehyde (to name just a few to look out for).

When it comes to which schools to send your kids to and what parenting techniques to use, these are very personal subjects and everyone has their own individual views. You need to procure as much information as you can in order to make an informed decision that best suits your family.

Diet and nutrition is another central issue that mothers need to focus their energy on. I’ve been exploring this topic since I was pregnant with Kieran seven years ago. As with most things, there are numerous schools of thought on nutrition for children, but there are a few key themes that the majority of health experts agree on. These include limiting/eliminating overly processed junk food and choosing organic whenever you possibly can.

I have a very specific stance on my children’s food. When I was newly pregnant I elected to raise all my children as vegetarians because of the data that I had acquired from many diverse sources. Not everyone agrees with me and that’s okay. I know that I am giving my children the optimal start that I think I can by ensuring that vegetables are their main source of nourishment. I have also dedicated many hours to learning about the nutrients and vitamins that vegetarian children need so that I don’t inadvertently leave out essential building blocks for their development. Now Kieran is turning seven and I choose HiPP Organic Kindermilk because it contains vital nutrients to help support healthy growth and brain development. I know Kieran has all the goodness of pure nutrition to give him a good start in life.

It really is all up to us to ensure that our precious children get that healthy start in life. No excuses. Not with knowledge being literally at our fingertips. Always remember to pursue information to be the best mom you can be.

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