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The suite life


By Samantha Nicole Alarilla


You’ve just gotten back from your luxurious vacation of sunbathing in Bali or watching the snowfall in Stockholm, and now there are many things that bother you. First, the weather’s all wrong; your clothes either cling disgustingly to your skin because you’re sweating buckets, or you’re shivering because you live in a country where the air hurts your face and heaters are a staple. Your perception of time is quite messed up as well; wasn’t it seven in the morning just a few minutes ago? Should the sun really be setting, then?

But most of all, it’s probably your room that jars you the most. Where are the crisp, white linen sheets and cottony comforters? Where are the fluffy European pillows with tiny decadent morsels of gold foil-wrapped chocolate perched on top of them? Where is the lush, luxe carpet that your soles sink into every time you stand?

Staying in a hotel room that’s gorgeous, lavish, and most of all comfortable beyond belief is always a magical experience, no matter how fleeting those blessed moments are. So, you briefly think of replicating the whole experience in your own drab and sad room but you scoff and wave the idea off, practically hearing the astonished cries of your bank accounts.

But with a little creativity, it’s not that hard to make your room look and feel five-star. Here are a few tips:


Splurge on a good bed.

The bed should take center stage when it comes to primping your room to be more hotel-esque. Start with a high quality mattress and crisp, white, cotton sheets with the highest possible thread count you can afford (a 300 thread count is the most ideal). Next, layer it with cloud-like down pillows and a soft, warm duvet or comforter. Design experts recommend having pillows of varying sizes and choosing neutral colors for your duvet or comforter.

A plush headboard to lean your head against will complete the hotel look, but you may do without one.


Have a side table or two.

Side tables are both functional and stylish; therefore a staple in any five-star establishment. Once again, if you have the luxury of space, place two side tables on either side of the bed and try to keep it as minimalist as possible. If you like to read, stack a few of your favorite books on it. If you’re a nature-lover at heart, place a vase of your favorite flowers or go for low-maintenance and get yourself a potted succulent. Maybe you’re an artist and want an abstract sculpture by your bedside. Just remember to keep it simple!


If you have the space, have comfy armchairs or small sofas.

Not everyone may have the space for a chair beyond the one for their desks, what more a sofa, but if you do, choose a comfortable, neutral-colored armchair or sofa for a corner in your room. However, we do recommend not pushing it up against the wall; but rather designating a space for it.


Create warm lighting.

Every hotel room is lit up by lighting that’s cozy, easy on the eyes, and accentuates the features of the room well. If you have the luxury of space, place two lamps on either side of the bed either mounted on the wall, hanging from the ceiling, or atop a side table. Replace your glaring ceiling lights with gentler ones or use a dimmer switch, and if there’s a need for it, go for a chic standing lamp by a corner or near the desk.


Lay down a lush carpet and/or a fluffy rug.

Spread out a neutral colored carpet over your room’s flooring and make sure at least three pieces of furniture are touching it to create the illusion of more space. Then place a small fluffy rug where your feet usually land right when you get up in the morning. These little, sometimes unnoticed details are often what makes a hotel room feel luxurious, so don’t skip out in this step! Make sure to indulge a little and choose the softest, fluffiest carpets and rugs you can afford.


Mount your TV on the wall.

Most hotel rooms would have their flat screens mounted above a sleek cabinet, which makes it look less cluttered and more stylish. Do the same thing and see the difference for yourself!


Use gorgeous curtains.

Definitely another defining characteristic of hotel rooms would be the high-class curtains framing their wide-paneled windows. Cop that look by using silk, damask or linen curtains, pinch-pleated if possible. However, it is hard to find or style your curtains the way hotels do because often they are custom-made and tailored to suit their aesthetic. So if you don’t plan on scrimping on this detail, find yourself a seamstress and have your curtains custom-made as well!


Have a minimalist cabinet for clothes.

Lastly, every hotel room’s cabinet almost always blends in perfectly with its environment, so much that you hardly notice it’s there. Achieve this by getting a dresser that’s custom-made to fit into the dimensions of your room in neutral colors and keep it organized and free of clutter both on the outside and the inside.


These little touches will give your bedroom that luxurious feel and comfortable atmosphere.

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