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LED Light Therapy and its wonders for the skin


By Dr. Kaycee Reyes

ledlight therapy

Admit it, when you have fresh, youthful, clear, and smooth skin, your confidence shines through. This is why we are always on the quest to find the best product, regimen, and treatment out there not only to make us look good, but to feel good, too! You may have tried creams, facials, pricking, masks, non-surgical treatments (and maybe surgical procedures, too) to address your specific skin care problems effectively and immediately. However, have you heard of Light Emitting Diode (LED) Light Therapy that can treat your skin problems, too? From acne to aging, LED is the all-in-one solution to these and more! Learn about LED, how it works, and why it can solve your skin woes, needle- and surgery-free.

 LED is an infrared light that transmits heat to specific areas of the skin, either through panels of different spectra or a single light emission. Because it was previously discovered that LED can encourage plant development, it has been found that it can stimulate cell production on the skin as well. But wait, this isn’t the kind of light tanning beds offer, nor does it burn the skin like prolonged sun exposure. LED is UV-free, safe for the skin as long as it is administered properly. The spectra comes in blue, red, yellow, and infrared aiming to target different skin problems as they can penetrate in different depths. Red light can reduce skin inflammation and boost collagen production. It is often used in combination with other colors like blue light, which can fight acne-causing bacteria. Yellow light, on the other hand, can smooth early lines and wrinkles as it promotes cell regeneration, and infrared can hasten skin healing. This is why a combination of all can improve your skin in more ways than one. The LED Light Therapy treatment only lasts for minutes, around 20 or more, depending on the skin and wavelength. It is pain-free and effortless, with the patient only needing to lie down with protective eye wear while a panel of light is exposed on the skin. And as for results? You’ll start noticing it in as fast as a few days! Plus, you will see better improvements on the skin with more sessions. This quick treatment requires no cutting, no pain, no anesthesia, and zero downtime, so for those hesitant to needles, with low tolerance to pain, or even for those with the busiest days, this is for you!

Using light to treat skin problems is proof of how far technology has come to transform your skin for the better in faster, safer, and more convenient ways. LED Light Therapy can treat acne, rosacea, fine lines, scars, hyperpigmentation, and more. If you are interested in LED Light Therapy, ask your dermatologist about it today. Glowing, fresh, and clear skin are just a few sessions away with LED!

LED Light Therapy is available at Luminisce and other skin clinics in the metro. Step into the light today!

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