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Lighting Matters

(Last Part of a Series)


By Neil Garcia

The little details of setting up your equipment are the missing pieces of a great photoshoot puzzle ahead.

You may know a thing or two about lighting now but if you can’t set up your equipment properly, then you’re only halfway in mastering an artificial lighting workflow.

Moreso, people are creatures of habit so after some time, you’ll easily develop your own ways of setting up your lighting equipment.

Before that happens, allow us to teach you the professional way. Just buckle up and read further.

Soft Box

Softbox is a staple tool in softening the light falling on a subject, making the details between the highlight and the shadow less sharper. The softbox is the hardest to assemble among all the equipment used for a photoshoot so we highly recommend setting it up before anything else.

lighting matters mb1

lighting matters mb2

Light Stand

Assembling a metal or aluminum stand seems easy but there’s a proper way of doing it.

lighting matters mb5


When things get blurry and when things need to be precise and aligned, who are you going to call? Manfrotto Befree! Or you know, any tripod you matters mb6


The star of the show, the leader of the band, the conductor of the symphony, and the equipment that will change the quality of your image—the monolight. It’s the one that can’t be dropped, the one that must set up carefully. For you to realize the gravity of a monolight setting up situation, take our word for it. It is very, very expensive. If you only have one and break it accidentally, it wouldn’t be that easy to replace it. And if you don’t have one, then say goodbye to artificial lighting for your shoot because how else can that be possible without a light source? So think of it this way, you’re the monolight’s mother who must take care of it like it’s your only child. lighting matters mb3

lighting matters mb4

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