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Healthy food in an instant

All you need is a blender


By Kaye Estoista-Koo

Health and fitness are the buzzwords that are here to stay. Everyone wants to live longer, better, fitter.

healthy food

With the fast-paced lifestyle of the 21st century, people who want to embrace the healthy lifestyle have a hard time maintaining that lifestyle—with everything instant and ready-to-go available just about anywhere.

But healthy eating can’t be compromised and this is something that the mother of all blenders prides itself on. Vitamix has been around for more than half a century, for 68 years to be exact.

Founder William “Papa” Bernard already knew the value of preparing healthy and delicious food using a kitchen blender as early as 1937.

But in 1949, when Vitamix first came out, Papa Bernard revolutionized the way we saw blenders with the very first live demo infomercial. Vitamix, to this day, provides a whole food option lifestyle through a blender that is meant to last.

Hindy Weber-Tantoco calls her Vitamix the “Tita Mix” as it has been with her for 11 years. Her Holy Carabao business partner Melanie Teng-Go has had her Vitamix blender for 17 years and calls it her “Granny Mix.”

The easy-to-make, easy-to-clean kitchen blender has been in the Philippines for 12 years through Rustan’s, Gourdo’s, and Abensons. This 2017, however, it is re-launching through the introduction of handpicked ambassadors like Hindy and Melanie, wellness advocate Sara Black, and award-winning chef Robby Goco.


At a recent launch, the ambassadors shared recipes.

It’s interesting that the same blender technology can target so many different aspects of health and wellbeing. That is because Vitamix was created to keep innovating and to do the work of multiple kitchen appliances: from making breakfast to smoothies, dinner entrees, hot soups, frozen desserts, dips and sauces. The blender is built to last with blades made from hardened steel, which also prevent overheating because of airflow circulation around its motor.


The two moms behind Holy Carabao have always pushed for farm-to-family food, shown in their social media feed especially when they harvest and then prepare their vegetables and produce.

When fashion-designer and nature lover Hindy Weber started Holy Carabao in 2007, she committed to living a holistic, healthier lifestyle for her growing family. With two simple recipes, take root smoothie bowl and yoghurt caesar dressing, they showed how easy and quick it is to start living healthy.

The Vitamix was able to make quick work of the boiled sweet potatoes and ice because of its variable speed control, smoothies will come out to be the perfect icy blend or smooth puree or creamy blend with no chunk in sight.

For both recipes, it took the moms less than 10 seconds to whip up the finished product.

They said that while the most popular smoothies are fruit-based, vegetable-based smoothies are healthier and give you a more filling feeling. Choose items that are seasonal so that you don’t spend on items hard to find. Hindy’s four kids look forward to having the smoothie bowl in the morning.

Holy Carabao shares their Vitamix recipes via Instagram/@holycarabao, Instagram/@hindyweber/ Instagram/@melanietgo.


A hummus, which normally takes anywhere from one and a half to two hours to make, was done in just 30 seconds. The Vitamix is able to crush the white pepper and small ingredients that make up the avocado hummus that Chef Robby prepared.

That’s because the blades and motor work together to pulverize even the smallest ingredient without it being lost in the mix.

Because of the same motor, Chef Robby was able to make caldo verde, a Portuguese soup, inside the Vitamix!

The motor can withstand high temperatures when the setting is turbo speed, this is how creating hot soups and sauces are created without even cooking, and served right from the Vitamix container.

Chef Robby, best known for being the chef behind top restaurants like Cyma, Green Pastures, Yumi, and more, advocates for food made from scratch so that each ingredient keeps its integrity.

He says chefs will love Vitamix now that “souping is the new juicing. It elevates the level of pureed food, it’s reliable and efficient and gives the same consistent output every time.”

“It’s easy,–” says Chef Robby. “You just have to know what goes into each dish and condiment so you can make it yourself. I made my own soup and it was able to grind the pepper corn whole for the hummus. In five minutes using Turbo power, I was able to heat my soup to the right temperature.”

According to Chef  Robby,  you can even make your own banana ketchup, hot sauce, oyster sauce, and BBQ sauce as long as you know what goes into it. Follow Instagram/@bleurobster for his Vitamix creations.


Sara, who had a health scare with cancer back in 2013, is the one who can claim she has no time: She’s always on the go, running, training, taking photos but this triathlete and sailor makes sure to give her food her attention.

Vitamix is fuss-free, so Sara can make her food in five minutes or less, including prep work. She’s very mindful of what she eats, before a workout and as part of recovery. That is why she builds her smoothies and desserts—yes, there is a healthy dessert—very mindfully and according to the needs of her body.

She picks food that is dense and complete in macronutrients like protein, fat, and carbs. She prefers the way Vitamix can make quick work of grinding, chopping, pureeing, and juicing.

During the launch, she showed how easy it was to turn roasted nuts into homemade butter and whole grains into gluten-free flours as she created a green smoothie, choco-nut butter ice cream, and nut Butter.

“It’s such a time saver and it supplements clean living lifestyle that I look for and encourage others to have, so that we can treat our bodies right.”

Her recipes can be seen on @seesarablack.

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