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By Raffy Paredes

The International Photography Awards recently announced the launching of the 2017 One Shot Competition: Selfie, a free-entry international photography competition for all Filipinos worldwide. Prizes in the photo tilt are: a solo show in a gallery with 20 to 30 prints of personal works; a one-on-one mentoring by a master photographer; and entry passes to the 2017 IPA Philippines with a maximum of five entry categories. The competition accepts entries that were taken through a camera (phone camera, digital camera—mirrorless, DSLR, point and shoot) using the hands or a selfie stick. This is a single-image competition, so you can only submit one image per entry. However, there is no limit to how many entries you can submit. To join, visit and create an account at Deadline for submission is on March 31, 2017.

  • Untitled (Bethsy Morada)

  • Untitled (Mike Samonte)

  • Untitled (Jacquilyn P. Barnayhah)

  • Untitled (Shiela Capuchino)

  • Batanes (Helton B. Balairos)

  • A Mother’s Sacrifice (Allan Velasco Carandang)

  • Untitled (Ronald V. Fernandez)

  • No Focus (Erica Lapuz)

  • Taal (Man Fai Hui)

  • Untitled (Ryan Rustia)

    The Khan Academy teaming up with animation company Pixar has created a free online course on how its artists do their work. Included is a class on how cameras and optics work. Titled “Virtual Cameras,” the highly enjoyable class includes topics on pinhole cameras, focal distance and its effects, camera lenses, depth of field, storytelling with a camera, and scene composition. Each of these subjects are elaborated and expanded on in turn, explaining concepts like the Simple Lens Law and Thin Lens Approximation. The “Virtual Cameras” video is around 30 minutes long only. Watch it on (PetaPixel).

    An article last month asserted that facing right in photos make people look more powerful. Simone Schnall, director of the Cambridge Embodied Cognition and Emotion Laboratory, says in her report that if we want to depict a person as dynamic, progressive, positive and forward-thinking, we ought to portray them looking right.It appears that the viewers perceive the subject of the photo as dynamic, progressive, and generally positive if they are facing forward. This goes for photos, but also for movies and advertisements. This is called spatial agency bias. The article writer Dunja Djudjic, who is a linguist, believes there are two factors that could influence it.

    First, the fact that 90 percent of the population is right-handed can contribute to the theory. We unconsciously perceive left-to-right movement as normal and positive, as moving toward the future and toward the goal. Secondly, in Western culture, writing is from left to right and this pattern seems logical to us. Therefore, we unconsciously perceive left-to-right movement as normal and positive. So next time you take a selfie, make sure it shows you from the right perspective.

    And now to our featured readers led by four new photo contributors.

    Erica Lapuz, BS Biology student at Central Luzon State University sent in the black-and-white street photo titled “No Focus.” “I love to express how I see things through the lens,” writes Erica. “I love taking moments and turning them into graphics. I do it as a passion and a stress reliever also.”Regarding her title for her photo, she shares: “I consider this photo as an abstract like some point in my life that I lose my focus and just keep moving forward.”

    From Bethsy Morada is an untitled silhouette photo of a man taken from a high mountain point with a cloud covered mountain range in the background. She writes: “Few years ago, I got interested in photography and travel. However, I was limited to Instagram and Facebook.   I wanted to share how I see the world, on my own perspective and I guess, my only way to allow others experience these places is through my photos.  I was thinking that it is about time to share my photographs through prints.”

    Ronald Fernandez who describes himself as “a newspaper collector somewhere in Manila,” and “a hobbyist in mobile photography especially in street photography genre” shares an untitled black-and-white photo of the stairs leading to the Quezon Memorial shrine at QMC. The photo was taken, says Ronald when the FB group “Gen-X Project” had a meet and greet upon its founding early this year.

    The untitled levitation photo comes from Ryan Rustia (aka Ayhanskie Thought), “a taxi driver, former band member, ex-OFW from KSA” and a psychology major who unfortunately did not make a career of his education. He shares: “I started loving photography when I came back to the Philippines in January 2014 and joined some photography groups in social media. I focused on women’s different faces (portrait) and found the beauty inside this Levitation Art Photography. This is how people live their lives. Sometimes we always feel endlessly down. Levitate sometimes and learn the ability to combat it.”

    Other photos on today’s page come from previously featured readers.

    Man Fai Hui sent in his photo of the Taal Cathedral.  He shares how even just the idea of shooting elates him given the limited  time his work allows for photography. “It is really hard for me to deal with my career and my passion in photography, but then again, at the end of the day I am still seduced and captivated with the intricacies of it. Just the thought of it makes me feel so excited like a kid who was promised a new toy or a trip to another place once tomorrow comes. Capturing ordinary yet priceless and precious moments that time can’t bring back except in print to look back at and reminisce makes me slip into unparalleled happiness and draws a smile on my face.”

    Hobbyist photographer and ex-OFW Allan Carandang writes that his random shot of a mother that he titled “A Mother’s Sacrifice” was taken in Bataan.

    The photo of a lighthouse titled “Batanes” comes from Helton  Balairos of Barotac Viejo, Iloilo.

    From Jacquilyn Barnayhah is an untitled photo of the “view from one of the century-old houses in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar.”

    Mike Samonte submitted the untitled sunset photo with silhouettes of birds flying over the water of Laguna de Bay.

    And Shiela Capuchino shares her favorite bird shot. “I really put an effort to take this photo of a Barn Swallow,” she says.

    Readers may now view issues of Picture Perfect including this column at For comments, suggestions or just to share an image or idea, email or

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