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The Queen of youthful skin

New breakthroughs in hyaluronic acid


By Dr. Kaycee Reyes

youthful skin

Glowing. Dewy. Youthful. Fresh. All these words describe one skincare ingredient that is fast becoming the ultimate anti-aging superstar: hyaluronic acid. You may have seen it written at the back of your favorite cream or serum, but now, it takes the spotlight with better and more ways to use it and achieve an instant glow. But first, let us know more about hyaluronic acid and trace how this ingredient can turn the skin from dull and aging to supple and fresh!

Hyaluronic acid (HA), believe it or not, is naturally produced by the skin! HA is a glycosaminoglycan, simply put, a nutrient that is a major component of connective tissue that supports many functions like providing lubrication to joints, fluid in the eyes, and moisture in the skin. Around half of HA, however, is found in the skin, which is why it is an important factor when it comes to aging. And guess what, HA is a powerful nutrient such that can hold up to 1000ml of moisture per gram of HA. Amazing, right? This is why the more HA there is in your body, the younger and fresher you look. Moreover, HA depletes as we age. Luckily, HA can be derived from multiple sources, including food (broth and leafy green vegetables) and supplements. Until recently, the skin care and cosmetic industry has added HA to its ingredients to give a plumper, smoother, and fresher appearance. Creams, serums, and masks top the list, offering a temporary boost of moisture and soothing benefits to the skin. Usually, dermatologists also inject HA directly to fine lines. But now, HA is starting to get some noise with new techniques and innovation. First, creams and serums are now holding moisture better and longer, with smaller HA molecules that can penetrate deeper into the skin. Next, doctors are also starting to inject HA into deeper layers of the skin and nearer the areas where the skin starts to sag, keeping the skin taut and firm from nine months to a year! Some doctors do not inject HA, but instead use their hands to extract the serum from the vial and spread it on the face after a microneedling procedure, which will absorb HA through the openings created by the procedure. Once the HA gets absorbed, it can retain moisture from weeks to even months! Another technique that is gaining popularity is injecting multiple shots of HA all over the face, just under the skin’s surface, to stimulate collagen production (that can blur fine lines and tighten the skin), improve skin texture, and an enhanced glow that can last for weeks!

With new techniques, improvements, and advances in skincare that are coming up faster than ever, the quest for better, more youthful skin is now easier and faster to achieve. HA is definitely one to watch out for, as more innovations are sure to come. So the next time you pass by the skin care aisle, you know which ingredient to look out for!

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