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Ready, set, run!


By Kaye Estoista-Koo

It’s already nearing the end of the first quarter of 2017. According to a business source in a Western news outlet, 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail by the end of February.

By the end of the year, just eight percent of people manage to achieve their New Year’s resolutions. If you want to increase your chances, especially if your resolution is health or fitness-related, here are some ideas for you to consider.

It involves an activity that everyone can run with.

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There’s a quote that goes: “I often hear someone say I’m not a real runner. We are all runners, some just run faster than others. I never met a fake runner.”

This quote, first stated by Bart Yasso, the Mayor of Running and now the chief running officer for Runner’s World, is true. Even if you feel you cannot run, just start somewhere.

The moment you sign up for your free account, you get prompted to build your plan, which you can customize to your goals.

It is somewhat dummy-proof, as all you need to do is click start! As soon as you start running, whenever you pause, it will recognize that you are not running and pause automatically. After the session, it will give you a rundown of how far you ran, even showing in a different color, the areas where you ran faster or slower. You can link your music into the app as well. It’s created by Nike, you can link it to your Nike+Training Club app.

Iya Villania-Arellano, who joined her first ever Olympic distance triathlon and placed third, now continues to run regularly as part of her endurance training.

Fitness goal helping you start an active lifestyle is the Nike + Training Club app. The app will guide and motivate you to keep on running

Fitness goal helping you start an active lifestyle is the Nike + Training Club app.
The app will guide and motivate you to keep on running


In order to stay on track, it helps that you run with someone. Bart Yasso met his wife, an accomplished distance runner, on one of his races. Iya learned to love running and triathlon because of Drew Arellano.

Running with others helps you feel that you are not alone even as you set personal or individual goals.

The NRC, the run club created by Nike called Nike+ Run Club, is crucial in giving anyone that headstart to run with others. It was founded to help athletes everywhere run their first, most fun, and fastest runs. The club helps those who call themselves non-runners to become runners.

To secure a slot, just use the app Nike+ Run Club and click on the events or go to the link. There are three distances you can choose from: three kilometers, five kilometers, and 10 kilometers.

Many distance runners use these weekly events to condition their bodies. In each distance, there are three paces to a kilometer: 5.30 minutes, six minutes, and seven minutes, which is lovingly called the Sexy Pace.

The best part: each distance and each pace has at least two pacers. It helps that a pacer stays with the runners till the finish line. The three runner-coaches of NRC Manila, Rio dela Cruz (Run Rio!), Ian Banzon, and Ico Ejercito, could be spotted, too. Sometimes running ahead toward off traffic, but always encouraging runners to keep going.

No one gets left behind, that’s for sure. The pacers, are always in neon green shirts so you can’t miss them. Have music blaring from waterproof, nifty-looking speakers you keep the pace.

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There’s a reason active wear was invented and continues to be a wardrobe staple for the truly athletic. Running and doing exercises in the right workout clothes help you achieve the best workout. And looking good while working out just adds that extra push to keep going.

The Zonal Strength Tights look good. It is tight in all the right places. Distance runs optimize the quads, hamstrings, and calves. With the right tights, it means that you get enhanced support and muscle awareness in your glutes, core, quads, and hamstrings.

The compression right around the thighs and calves helps reduce muscle vibration. It is ultra-stretchy so you can be as active as you want to be. One of the NRC pacers even has a tip: Don’t immediately take them off after a run, as it helps keep your muscles together as they recover post-run.

So, whatever your fitness goals, start somewhere. While the app Nike+ Run Club can help track your runs and performance, don’t forget that being in a community like NRC can encourage you as you strive to keep those goals to the end of the year. May we all find encouragement from Bart Yasso, who has literally run on all seven continents of the world, meeting people, making friends, and finding out that what he remembers about running is not the race but the people.

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