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By Raffy Paredes

Adobe recently launched its “Make It Now” series of videos on YouTube teaching Photoshop tricks in only a minute. describes the videos as short, sweet, easy to understand and yet comprehensive. The list of tricks is still limited since the series has just started. Available now are: creating a composite in Photoshop; creating an animated GIF; making a poster from a template in Photoshop; and making a double exposure in Photoshop. Watch out for more instructive videos in the coming weeks (

The article “5 Tips for Posing and Directing Couples to Capture Great Lifestyle Shots” on PetaPixel is a must-read for readers who do prenup photo shoots. The posing and directing tips from Daniel and Rachel of Mango Street Lab aim to keep your couples’ shoots looking and feeling candid and unforced.The five tips the duo offers revolve around the concepts of Comfort, Light, Movement, Emotion, and, Intimacy. Read the article on PetaPixel for a breakdown of every concept.

  • Torkwato (Miguel On-onod)

  • Untitled (Michael Laspiñas)

  • Sa Aking Pag-iisa (Woody Sarmiento)

  • Untitled (Roli Talampas)

  • Carrice (Glenn M. Fabricante)

  • Color Run (Edelweisse Aquino)

  • Untitled (Cocco de Leon)

  • Untitled (Japhet Medel Bendol)

  • Mameng (Leo B. Dilay)

  • Untitled (Froiland Anacito Mohinog)

    The photo planning app PhotoPills is now available for Android. PhotoPills allows you to find out when and where the sun will set at a particular location, when the moon will rise, and where the Milky Way will be visible. The Android version has been one year in the making and on an especially setup Android Version Page the team behind the app explains that it was the goal to offer exactly the same features, attention to detail and reliability as the iOS version. It’s worth mentioning that the app is still in public beta stage, with the full release expected by the end of the month. So it’s possible you might still encounter the occasional bug or malfunction. If that doesn’t put you off you can can download PhotoPills now and install it on any device that runs Android 4.1 or newer. Like its iOS-counterpart, PhotoPills for Android will set you back a hefty $10 (R499) but if you take your photo planning seriously this could be a small price to pay (

    Fans of photography history can now browse 437 complete issues of “Soviet Photo” Magazine online. This treasure trove contains digitized issues originally published between 1926 and 1991. With the exception of some gaps between 1934 and 1957—there’s only one issue, published in 1937, on the archive from between those dates—it looks like almost every month of every year is accounted for. To read them all, head over to Whether or not you can read Russian,you’re in for a real treat  (PetaPixel).

    And now to our featured readers with three new contributors to the column.

    Cocco de Leon, mobile photographer and traveller working as an IT analyst at an international company sent in an untitled photo of climbers atop a foggy mountain ridge. “I got interested in sharing my photos because I wanted to share the feeling of being outdoors, travelling, being one with nature and having a sense of peace after a week of city living,” writes Cocco. “Nowadays, it is a good (and healthy) activity to de-stress and somehow disconnect from the busy city life.”

    From Michael Laspiñas of Ateneo de Manila University is an untitled black-and-white portrait of model Myra Bermejo. He shares that the Egyptian-themed photo shoot was organized by Blink OpenShoot.

    Also featured for the first time is aspiring photographer Froiland Anacito Mohinog with an untitled photo of what appears to be a soap bubble.

    Other photos on today’s page come from previously featured readers.

    Miguel On-onod submitted the portrait titled “Torkwato.” Miguel is currently into travel and street photography. He shares: “I don’t want to waste my time that’s why I always go to the public market to capture the everyday lifestyle of ordinary people. I also started my first-ever photo documentary and it was titled ‘Pamilya Ordinaryo.’ My goal is to photograph the ordinary lifestyle of the residents who live in a remote area in Naguilian, La Union. This is Torkwato, 11 years old; in this picture he carried six kilograms of dried wood that he told me they needed for their wooden stove. He always does this kind of job every weekend. He told me that they can help their grandparents in this simple way.Because his mother is an OFW, he needs to work hard to help his grandmother in return for taking care for him. He also told me that he’s happy even if he never had any gadgets.”

    Glenn Fabricante shares “Carrice,” a candid photo of a friend’s daughter. He took the shot as Carrice played about at the Kanawan Falls in Morong Bataan.

    The portrait titled “Mameng” comes from Leo Dilay. The photo of the urban poor leader “encapsulates the struggle and power of woman,” he states.

    Japhet Bendol (Khayriyyah), a housewife with five kids writes that her untitled sunset photo with silhouettes was taken at the Manila Yacht Club.

    Woody Sarmiento sent in “Sa AkingPag-iisa” taken at sunset in Laguna.

    RoliTalampas shares an untitled photo of sculptures from Norway’s nude sculpture park with the comment: “On a negative-five-degree-Celsius morning, with the sun steadily spreading its rays on the sculptures, one wonders how on earth we get to fetishize what we wear to say what we are.”

    And from Edelweisse Aquino is the photo titled “Color Run.”

    Readers may now view issues of Picture Perfect including this column at For comments, suggestions or just to share an image or idea, email or

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