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Solutions to serve others


By Len G. Amadora

“It’s all about being able to do social responsibility at a price that will actually work.”

According to Thomas Fuller, “Health is not valued until sickness come.” And when one’s health or perhaps a loved one’s health is concerned we all want the best treatment care.  Health care should primarily be patient-centric.  But what do patients really want?   Ultimately, patients seek optimum care (by highly qualified medical professionals of course) that would restore them back to good health immediately.  However, it seems that “care” in health care is often compromised by lack of proper medical facilities, faulty and substandard equipment compounded by insufficient skills or manpower to cope up with the increase in demand.

Let’s zoom in to radiology — a branch of medicine that makes use of imaging techniques such as x-rays to diagnose or treat diseases. At present, thousands of patients around the world have little access to modern, dependable and affordable radiological services.  This condition often curtails prevention, detection and treatment of conditions.  In the Philippines alone, we have only about 1500 radiologists serving over 100 million Filipinos. Moreover, remote and far-flung areas are greatly affected sometimes having no means at all to any of these services. Now that’s alarming!

To address the unnerving shortage of diagnostic imaging and related professional services, Lifetrack Medical Systems headed by Dr. Eric Schultz, MD, PhD, developed a software called Lifesys RIS/PACS. It is the first 4th generation radiology software re-engineered to handle large scale enterprises and distribution to remote hospitals.

A real eye-opener indeed as founder and CEO of Lifetrack Medical Systems, Dr. Eric Schultz shares Lifetrack’s lifesaving traits:

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1. What is Lifetrack Medical Systems?

Lifetrack Medical System is a Philippines-based start-up founded by Dr. Eric Schultz.  As a physician and a visionary, he conceived a vision of a socially enabled Healthcare ecosystem.  Lifetrack Medical System is the first teleradiology software developer in the Philippines.  Its services include professional radiology, cloud-based Radiology Information System, Picture archiving and Communication Systems (RIS/PACS) healthcare software solutions that are readily available on a large scale or to many people. Since the beginning of its operation in 2012, the company has been bringing in helpful solutions using AWS (Amazon Web Services).

With Lifetrack, radiology services can now be readily available anytime, anywhere.  Even community clinics in remote areas can have efficient and accurate radiological service with results in just minutes.  As long as clinics have digital x-rays, even without a resident radiologist, patients can still have their reports/results in no time.  No need to wait a day or in some areas a week just to get the results.

In the Philippines, Lifetrack Medical Systems has been making great progress in the medical community.  It has recently established partnerships with Ayala Corporation’s FamilyDOC retail health clinics located in Las Pinas and Imus, Cavite, Healthway Medical and other local institutions.  Overseas, Lifesys RIS/PACS is already used in countries like Indonesia, India and Bangladesh with outlined expansions to other countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Africa and the Middle East and South America.

2. How does Lifetrack Medical Systems complement healthcare?

Through its software called “Lifesys RIS (Radiology Information System)/PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems), Lifetrack helps ease the massive demand for diagnostic imaging and related professional services. It re-defines and enhances the capacity of what a radiologist can do without having to leave the clinic or city that he is in. Patients and health care professionals are provided with clearer images and scans with its corresponding readings and results immediately. As reports are turned over in just seconds, the overall result is faster radiological diagnosis and response time to doctors and patient; hence, providing better healthcare service.

Lifesys RIS/PACS runs on cloud computing infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS).  It is the first 4th generation system which aims to distribute affordable, efficient, high-quality radiology services in the market.  From its previous system, Lifetrack has been redesigning and restructuring the system so it can handle large-scale enterprises and distribution to remote hospitals.  Now, innovations can easily be rolled out as updates. Because it runs through AWS, updates and new features that usually takes about 6 months or even more to set up can now be installed and utilized in just minutes to diverse and myriad locations.

In addition, since it is cloud-based, Lifetrack has lower operational costs allowing them to offer solutions at very affordable prices.

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3. What is its key features?

Lifesys can be accessed anywhere.  It runs in Chrome browser without any plug-ins.  But even though it can be accessed anywhere, mind you, Lifesys software is top-notch secure.  Lifetrack servers are placed in secure datacenters taking advantage of Enterprise level security provided by AWS.  Data travels across the internet encrypted.  Images are sent to the radiologist at light speed with no down time.  Radiologists have easy access with its simple yet powerful and intuitive user interface.  It even has voice activated features. Furthermore, radiologist can learn more as Lifesys is capable of providing educational content.  Users have access to unlimited information and learning resources, findings and diagnoses to further improve skills and provide accurate and efficient readings in just a short time.

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4. What makes AWS (Amazon Web Services) the best choice for Lifetrack Medical Systems?

Lifesys RIS/PACS uses the cloud-based infrastructure of Amazon Web Services, an company.  As you may already know, started as an online retailer — where you can find virtually anything you desire to purchase online.  They offer just about everything including cloud services.  And just like all their products and services they are more convenient and more affordable.

Since its inception in 2006, where they offered their developer customers access to the in-cloud infrastructure services, AWS’s continued innovating, listening to customers and frequently adding new features focused on efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Amazon Web Services provides over 90 cloud computing services.  This would include compute, storage, content delivery, database, analytics application services, management and deployment, networking, desktop and application streaming, mobile services, artificial intelligence, business productivity and many other services.  Customers can easily build their applications, services and run them on AWS cloud.  They can likewise easily use one or any combination of the cloud services and pay only for what they actually use.

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