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Five magical moments from the Coldplay concert


By Isabelle Laureta


I’ve haven’t been to a lot of concerts, and I could only thank school events for those I’ve had the pleasure of attending. Up until last week, I haven’t seen an international artist play live, not because I’m a sad snob for music, but because these concerts are so expensive. But since I now have a job and don’t anymore carry the guilt of asking my parents thousands of pesos to watch a two-hour show, some of my best friends and I decided to sell a liver to watch a concert. It wasn’t just any concert, though, it was of a band we grew up with, the band that serenaded us through teenage angst and weird hormonal phases, the band we never even imagined we’d watch and listen to beyond our computer screens and earphones in this lifetime or the next—Coldplay.

Unsurprisingly, the show was nothing short of magical. I know my juxtaposed sentences and flowery words won’t suffice, and I’m still high on the serotonin the band has left me, but bear with me while I try. Here are five breathtaking moments from Coldplay’s A Head Full of Dreams tour.

  1. When the lights guided us home

We’re an ocean away from the Philippines, bones tired from walking around a foreign city, eyes strained from lack of sleep, but the moment the lights in the stadium went on to blue, yellow, green, and magenta, the moment fireworks exploded the second Chris Martin sang the chorus, the moment our wristbands lit up in sync with the beautiful melody of “Yellow,” the moment balloons were thrown in the mosh pit making our eyes dance in the colorful display, we knew it was all worth it. We knew we were home. We knew that these are the moments we’d remember—not the physical pain, not the heartaches, but the music, the production, and the collective energy of love.

  1. When everyone had an Everglow

I always thought “Everglow” was a love song Chris Martin wrote for his ex wife, Gwyneth Paltrow. But before singing it during the concert, he said something that shifted my perspective. He said that with everything that had been happening globally, what the world needed was a little bit of positivity and good vibes—an “everglow.” He asked us to send good energy to whoever we think might need it because we all had so much love to give. I will never listen to that song the same way again. It was such a selfless moment that the stranger beside me and I hugged when the first piano notes dropped. I didn’t think any situation would make me want to hug somebody I didn’t know, but in that moment, doing it made all the sense in the world.

  1. When Coldplay wasn’t only Chris Martin

It’s too easy to be self-centered when you’re the vocalist of the band. You’re the front man after all and, most of the time, the only one everyone sees is you. That’s why it was so heartwarming when Chris not only introduced his band mates, but also let them be the vocalist for one of the requested songs. I think it takes such a kind-hearted person with a humble disposition to see others as his equal and not to think so highly of himself but as a mere part of a whole, especially if he was the vocalist of one of the most famous bands in the world.

  1. When Coldplay fixed us

I’ve been singing “Fix You” since high school, listened to it about a dozen million times, and considered it a shoulder to lean on as I went through petty teenage problems. I know that song by heart. I wasn’t particularly going through something that night, but the moment the song went on, I cried so damn hard. “When you lose something you can’t replace,” Chris sang, and I suddenly got flashbacks of my late grandfather. I wailed. It wasn’t a cry of longing or of loneliness, though. It was the kind that didn’t necessarily take the pain away, but let you embrace it. Because the pain is a part of who you are at that moment as you belong to the sea of lights in the stadium, each light belonging to one person and each person going through a different kind of pain, but each person learning to let the music take them away.

  1. When we realized what an Amazing Day it was

There are people who’d make you want to punch a hole in the wall, and there are people who’d make you realize what a good life you’re living and how you should be grateful despite everything. Coldplay is definitely one of the latter, not only because they aptly played “Amazing Day” as one of their last songs, but ultimately because it was what they made us feel—that after all the long lines, the achy feet from walking the entire day, the humid weather, the expensive beer at the stadium, the recent heartaches, all the hassle we had to go through, and the money we had to spend just to watch a kick ass band play the songs we held dear, still, it was an amazing day. You only get to experience something like this once. Indeed, it was an amazing day.

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