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Be part of the future with HP


By Len G. Amadora

  • HP EliteBook x360

    It is the world’s thinnest and powerful business convertible. It is stylish and lightweight. This powerful convertible has an unbelievable 16 hours and 30 minutes of battery life. Not only that, it is the world’s most secure PC. It has the latest security innovations such as HP Sure Start Gen3, the world’s only self-healing BIOS now with run-time memory protection.

  • HP unveils innovative, secure, manageable technology for the Office of the Future. (From L-R: Lionel Ch’ng, MD, HP Inc Singapore, Vinay Awasthi, VP, Commercial Computing, HP APJ, Daren Ng, Director, Mobility Solutions, HP APJ.

  • HP Elite x3 Mobile Scanning Solution

    This is a 3-in-1 mobile device. It is a smartphone, a tablet/phablet, and gives you a PC-like experience. It can be integrated with a scanner perfect for retail industry. It has the ability to dock and connect to a display, mouse, and keyboard for a full PC experience.

  • HP Elite Slice

    Dreaming of interactive meeting spaces? Then this is the perfect device. It has a clean modular design and has no messy cables. And with the addition of the Collaboration Cover, Audio Module and Intel Unite software, the HP Elite Slice is converted into a complete conferencing solution for meeting rooms.

  • HP Pro x2 612 G2

    Announced in the recent Mobile World Congress, this versatile 2-in-1 features productivity of a laptop with the keyboard attached and the mobility of a tablet with the keyboard detached. It allows agile work anywhere with up to 11 hours battery life.

  • HP mt43 Mobile Thin Client

    The lightest mobile thin client where security and data information is its priority. Mobile cloud computing is easier and more convenient. It has multiple security features, easy-to-use setup and deployment software.

  • HP Z2 Mini Workstation

    Big things do come in small packages. This extraordinary workstation has a height of only 2.3″ and is 90% smaller than a traditional business-class tower. It has the amazing ability to handle high power complex data. It is twice as powerful as any commercial mini PC on the market today. It is for people who need high computing power in a small device that can easily be carried anywhere.

  • EliteOne 800 G3 All-in-One

    This device looks so stunning especially on open floor plans and reception areas. This all-in-one has dual-facing cameras and non-glare touch screen.

    According to Motivational Speaker, Jim Rohn, “Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change”. I guess this statement holds true to anything about life be it personal or work related.

    In the recent “HP Office of the Future” event held in Singapore, Richard Bailey, President HP Asia Pacific and Japan, shared how technology has reshaped and transformed the overall work environment stating, “Growth is the priority and technology is the primary tool”.    At present, in our workplace, we all notice a massive influx of workforce consisting of a generation who had grown up in a digital world–the millennials. Not only that, pretty soon Generation Z will come of age — a generation that will definitely be much more independent, competitive and more willing to takeover the workforce.   But of course, Generation X will never be far behind with its independent, ambitious and flexible character. And belonging to the Generation X workforce, I can say that I have lived the life working without the internet and have adapted to a life with it.  Undoubtedly, technology has changed and revolutionized everything and everyone seemed to have adjusted to the new norm so effortlessly.

    Thanks to the internet, communication now between clients, customers and colleagues has undergone major changes affecting the way employees work and function.  Technology has allowed employees to be productive even outside of the office. Haven’t you noticed how more employees prefer to work remotely so as not to waste time commuting to and from the office? Not only that; notice how technology has broken the barrier between work and play and businesses are well aware of it.  That is why the need to to keep up and adapt to the demands of the employees and their work environment has become important.  HP stressed the significance of technology in increasing work efficiency and productivity.  Hence, HP has envisioned the “Office of the Future”.

    So, how does the Office of the Future look like?

    Steve Jobs once said, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”.  Keeping employees or the workforce motivated, inspired and empowered is a challenge and with a constantly changing work environment, the workplace, according to HP, must be more collaborative, more flexible and more mobile without compromising security.

    Having foresight of the future enables one to design the future and according to HP, the “Office of the Future” should have more productive employees, more agile workspaces and more interactive meeting spaces.  Employees should be able to seamlessly work outside the traditional office.

    Towards the middle of the year, the “Office of the Future” will soon be a reality in Singapore. There will soon be a brand new office with agile spaces for collaboration and productivity.  Through the “e-club”, the office will have the ability to incorporate family style meals where employees can connect and form bonds with one another.  They can discuss work projects and discuss life. HP executives emphasized that it is all about change in mindset,  empowering employees to give them control on how they do work and collaborate.  It is about deeper engagement with one another and with their clients.  All these and much more without compromising security.

    HP highlighted that they no longer design devices just for the sake of devices; but rather they are designing devices fit for the office of the future.    Presented during the “HP Office of the Future 2017” event are new HP devices that are more efficient and secure to help businesses make gradual improvements to their workspaces and technology infrastructure.

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