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By Raffy Paredes

Instagram has a newly-updated web version that will make photo sharing much easier for those whose network or smartphone storage options make installing the Instagram app inconvenient or impossible. Now you can finally start posting photos to IG from your computers. The web version is basically a stripped down version of the mobile app. The interface is mostly identical, the main differences being slower load times, no filters or editing when you post a photo, no video posting, and a pared down “Explore” experience (PetaPixel).

Are your photos on Instagram being “shadow banned?” Are you experiencing a dramatic drop in likes? Are they blocked from being discovered by others without you knowing it? Confirm or dispel your suspicions with the Instagram Shadowban Tester app on https://shadowban.azurewebsites.net .

  • Good Times (Bert Andone)

  • Breaking Barriers (Rayns Keneth S. Ampon)

  • Reflection (Mike Samonte)

  • Dapit-hapon sa Isla ng San Victor (Kent Ramirez Duque)

  • Work of His Hands (Jeremy Christian Higuit)

  • Mt. Balungao, Pangasinan (Bernard Miranda)

  • Sipa (Rudielee Gadiano)

  • Swing (Joven Jimenez)

  • Duyan (Jojo Bulseco)

  • Aged (Karla O. Sambajon)

    If apps like Facebook and Messenger are fast draining your battery, know that these have Lite versions that you can download from Google Play. Facebook created the Lite version of its Android app specifically for developing countries and other places where robust mobile Internet isn’t always available. It’s designed to offer access to all the basic functions of the site, including person-to-person messages, while using the smallest amount of bandwidth possible.The app is also designed to target low-cost phones. To this end, it’s much smaller and less complex than the full Facebook app: while the standard Facebook application from the Play Store is 162MB for the application alone (without cached images and such) and Facebook’s Messenger app is another 104MB, the latest version of Facebook Lite is only 4.5MB (www.howtogeek.com).

    Photoshelter has made available a second edition of How I Got the Shot, an educational guide with behind-the-scenes videos, lighting diagrams, and step-by-step direction from photographers who share how they nail the shot. The guide which features 12 photograpers is in collaboration with Tether Tools, thus it also promotes the benefits of tethering. A first edition featuring a dozen other photographers is also available for download (Photoshelter.com).

    BBC has five interactive mini sites with stunning experiments that the curious among the young and old will certainly enjoy: 1) Create Your Own Biggest Bangs allows the player to combine two of eight available elements to see which combinations make the biggest explosions; 2) Journey to the Center of the Earth provides interesting data along the journey towards the center; 3) How Big is Space brings you on an interactive journey to the outer edges of our solar system; 4) The Making of Me and You asks for your birth date, age, sex, height, and weight. It then shows four data charts: body shop, body count, body size, and body builder; 5) Our World War: Interactive Episode makes you take the role of a commanding officer in the middle of a firefight. You will make decisions that are life or death for your soldiers, and for you. And at every stage, you will get a small assessment of your skills. It’s kind of like playing a game, only a whole lot better because it’s based on real life (www.makeuseof.com).

    And now to our featured readers.

    Rayns Keneth Ampon, a student journalist from Laguna State Polytechnic University-Sta. Cruz Campus shares his photo titled “Breaking Barriers.” “I enjoy doing mobile photography since I am into journalism in highschool and I really like sharing stories,” he writes.

    From Kent Ramirez Duque is “Dapit-hapon sa Isla ng San Victor” taken in San Victor Island in Baganga, Davao Oriental. “It’s appreciating God’s creation by witnessing a colorful dusk in the island,” declares Kent.

    “To be honest, I’m not into travel but seeing this view made me appreciate more the beauty of His creation,” writes Jeremy Christian Higuit about his photo, “Work of His Hands.” “I wish I could see more of this,” he adds.

    Rudielee Gadiano sent in the photo “Sipa.” His photo description reads: This kid happily show his skills in sipa outside St. William Church in San Fernando, La Union.

    The photo titled “Good Times” comes from Bert Andone. “Kids from Caluya were having a good time swimming under turquoise sea,” relates Bert. “Away from all the heavy technology nowadays, this simple activity is a lot more fun and enjoyable than having the risk of cyber stress.”

    From Karla Sambajon, senior BSED-Biological Science student at Laguna State Polytechnic University-San Pablo City Campus and managing editor at The Technology Advocateis the photo titled “Aged.”

    From Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia, Joven Jimenez shares “Swing” taken at Halfmoon beach.

    Bernard Miranda submitted the landscape photo, “Mt. Balungao, Pangasinan.”

    Jojo Bulseco contributed the black and white photo, “Duyan.”

    And Mike Samonte’s bird photo, “Reflection” taken in Angono, Rizal rounds out the images on today’s issue.

    Readers may now view issues of Picture Perfect including this column at www.mb.com.ph. For comments, suggestions or just to share an image or idea, email throughalensclearly@yahoo.com or rfyparedes@yahoo.com.

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