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My great adventures of motherhood


By Amanda Griffin Jacob

Lifechanging as a mother of three beautiful children, the author shares how motherhood transformed her into a better version of herself

Lifechanging as a mother of three beautiful children, the author shares how motherhood transformed her into a better version of herself

Three years ago I wrote about my motherhood journey and what it meant to me at that point in my fledgling adventure.  I had been a mother for four years to two children. I reflected about how being a mom had transformed me into a different but better version of myself. My piece was divided into a then and now evaluation (pre-and post- babies). It’s funny to see how much of a difference three years makes when it comes to perspective. Not ha-ha funny, more like an almost humorous kind of elucidation.

 I now realize more than ever what a rookie I was at that point. I mean I knew it at that time but looking back with experience really highlights it. Now that I have three kids and my eldest is seven years old, motherhood just keeps getting more and more exhilarating, frustrating, scary, and rewarding. To have these three people in my life that I would do almost anything for is such a strong emotion. It’s this crazy amazing experience that is filled with dichotomies that you can’t explain. As I stated in my article three years ago, motherhood will always be the best thing that has ever happened to me. I always say that children are your greatest teachers and not a day goes by that I don’t learn from them. Motherhood with all of its peaks and gullies has really fulfilled me in a way that I didn’t know I needed. I acknowledge that it came at the right time in my life when I was ready, willing, and able to be a mom.

 What has being a mom taught me almost eight years on? At this juncture two major conversions stand out. The first is that I understand and can see how motherhood reflects who I am…my triumphs and flaws, victories and insecurities. Many times, especially when it gets challenging to be a mom, I get to appreciate what parts of my character and soul I have to work on. My reactions and decisions when it comes to the difficult moments teach me so much about myself. This is when I can see how much fine-tuning and growth I need in certain areas. Sometimes that looking glass can be raw because it’s always truthful but it is necessary to recognize and accept so that I can continue to grow as both a mother and a person.

Through motherhood I also discovered my passion for healthy living. My goal to live life in the healthiest way I can to take care of myself but also still enjoy life. Wellbeing for my family and myself is my top priority because that’s what it’s all about. Over the years I’ve been moving towards a lifestyle that is more natural, more about sustainability, less impactful on our planet, more holistic. I had no idea that becoming a mother would lead me in this direction and that my life philosophies and desires would adjust significantly. Slowly but surely this decade-long odyssey into health has been trucking along,  metamorphosing and splintering into different sub paths that I am so excited to explore. But more than that it is how I am choosing to raise my children and I couldn’t be happier about it. I want them to have respect and awe for the environment and its animals. I want them to be aware of how their life impacts the planet and those around them. I want them to try to live their lives holistically and naturally. I want them to be healthy. I want them to be healthy. I have all these desires and more for my kids.

My adventures  in mommyhood are the best of my life because of the continual lessons I am taught. It just keeps getting better and better!

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