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Six Dog Breeds for Kids with Sniffles

Who says you can’t have dogs? Here are six dog breeds that are perfect for allergy sufferers


By Loraine Balita-Centeno

If you’ve been told all your life that you can’t have dogs but you’ve been dying to have one since you were five here’s something for you.

While there is no dog that’s 100 percent hypoallergenic according to the American Kennel Club, there are those that do quite well for allergy sufferers, breeds that don’t trigger allergic reaction as much as others. These breeds don’t shed and produce dander as much. Dander is what causes allergic reaction in people and it’s best to get one that doesn’t produce this as much and to bathe the dog of a person with allergies often to remove allergens.

It’s important to note though that you would still have to consult your choice with a physician especially if you are one who has serious allergy attacks that can endanger your life or cause serious injury.

  • Havanese- The Havanese is a small Bichon-type of dog that comes from Cuba. They can be gentle and quiet but very rowdy during playtime. They have short legs, small sturdy body, and double coat that makes them look bouncy when running. They are intelligent and easy to train although they need constant interaction with humans as they are prone to separation anxiety. It doesn’t shed but the coat needs frequent combing and brushing.

  • Schnauzers- Schnauzies are small, energetic dogs that can be good for apartment life as long as it gets a few minutes each day to exercise. They’re good with kids and are easy to train. It is one of the most popular terrier pets due to its spunky appearance and lovable personality. Schnauzers are playful, alert, and are less aggressive compared to other terriers. They are quite high maintenance though with a coat that requires frequent grooming.

  • Chinese Crested- If you are really keen on getting one that don’t shed this breed might be good for you. This unique looking dog often looks elegant with a smooth graceful gait. There are two types of this breed one is hairless with a smooth hairless body and fur only on the head and feet, and the powder-puff with fur all over. Chinese crested dogs are playful but are shy with strangers. They are people-oriented demands lots of stroking, rubbing, and interaction. They do not like being left alone for long. They are known to get along well with children and don’t need as much exercise as others so they can thrive just fine in condominiums and apartments.

  • Coton de Tulear- This is a small Bichon-type toy dog that loves people. These are sociable dogs that don’t do so well when left alone so if you have a child with a lot of spare time after school, this one might be good for your family. Cotons have a short cottony coat that don’t shed but needs frequent brushing and combing. They tend to bark a lot especially when bored and they are prone to separation anxiety so they require lots of playtime and socialization.

  • Maltese- It is a small toy dog that doesn’t shed. It often has a pure white coat that’s straight and silky. It is an intelligent little breed doesn’t need much exercise but it enjoys accompanying its human for walks. They are curious, playful, and can surprisingly make good watch dogs since they are very responsive to the environment.

  • Portuguese Water Dog- This is a medium-sized working dog that’s lively and athletic. It might be good for someone who likes doing physical activities and spending time outdoors. These dogs love long walks, running, and they are master swimmers too! They’re natural retrievers that would put everything in its mouth to chew and play with.

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