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By Raffy Paredes

If you want to have some fun putting smiles on faces in photos, making people look years younger or older, or changing their gender, install FaceApp on your smartphone or tablet. The app uses artificial intelligence to morph faces by merging in facial features and utilizes neural networks for its transformations. Versions for Android and iOS are available at Google Play and the Apple App Store.

British photographer Adam Kappa has produced a seven-minute video on how to do macro photography on a budget. In the video, Kappa demonstrates how to produce impressive macro shots using kit lenses, extension tubes, and a flash diffuser crafted from a Chinese takeout container. Search Adam Kappa on YouTube to see how he sets up and uses affordable material for macro shooting (PetaPixel).

  • Saranggola (Juanchito Paner)

  • Waiting for Fiesta (Robert Ordeneza)

  • Festival Girl (Mike Samonte)

  • Hermosa Fiesta (William C. Perez)

  • El Nido (Christy Gabriel)

  • Transportation Venice Italy (Myla Del Mundo)

  • Untitled (Dan Reyes)

  • Dirt Road and the Universe (Jayan Cabatuan)

  • Untitled (Mervin C. Mojares)

  • The Faith (Ronald V. Fernandez)

    A study, conducted by researchers at Western University in Canada and entitled “The effects of smiling on perceived age defy belief,” shows that your grin doesn’t necessarily help you win—in the age department, that is.To execute the study, the researchers turned to the Karolinska Directed Emotional Faces database, a collection of images at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden featuring 70 people, each displaying seven different emotional expressions. From that database, they selected 140 images: 35 men with smiling and neutral faces and 35 women with smiling and neutral faces. The majority of 40 students who were shown the photos surprisingly evaluated the smiling faces as being older than the neutral faces by an average of two years. The researchers say this is due to the fact that people can’t ignore the wrinkles that appear around the eyes when someone smiles, and that this causes the perceived aging effect.In a follow-up study, an extra image was added to the mix—one of the photo subjects showing surprise. In those cases, the surprised faces were ranked youngest of all (

    You can make a GIF of any YouTube video where the creator has allowed GIF creation.Make sure you’re signed into YouTube, then click the Share button underneath the video. You’ll see a few tabs like Embed and Email — click GIF next to these. Select up to six seconds of the video you want to make a GIF from. Add text to the top and bottom if you want, then press Create. YouTube will provide you with a URL that you can use to share your GIF, as well as social buttons to share it directly. To save it to your computer for later use, open the URL, right-click on the GIF, and choose Save Image As so you have a copy (

    And now to our featured readers.

    First-time contributor Christy Gabriel shares her photo titled “El Nido.” “It’s more fun in the Philippines, because of its beautiful sceneries with full of adventures to try on,” she writes. “The Philippines is one of the well-known countries when it comes to tourist destinations.”  On her photography, Christy adds: “I must admit to loving photography, but nothing beats nature photography in my book. It doesn’t matter whether or not I’m in front the camera—as long as the subject matter is nature, I’m in heaven. There are so many reasons why I love nature photography. I guess it started as a child growing up in Zambales where I was surrounded by so many beautiful beaches and mountains.”

    Robert Ordeneza, a senior high school teacher in Bacolod and photo hobbyist sent in the black-and-white photo, “Waiting for Fiesta.” “It’s been years since I shared a photo with you,” he writes. “Now I feel like sharing this shot of people waiting for an event during a fiesta this May.” Robert relates that people often hire him to shoot their portraits.

    From Dan Reyes is an untitled sunset photo which he writes was the last sunset for his father who passed away last March. “This was taken in Binmaley, Pangasinan, and the only time I had seen a beautiful sunset in this place; and this was the last sunset my Dad had and I hope he had seen this.” The sunset silhouettes two kids preparing their father’s nets for the next day’s catch.

    The long exposure night photo “Dirt Road and the Universe” comes from Jayan Cabatuan, a software engineer in the telecom industry. The photo was taken “in a dark and serene place in Mindanao.”

    Juanchito Paner shares “Saranggola,” taken just before dusk at Limbon-Limbon,Binangonan,Rizal.

    Mervin Mojares writes that his untitled photo of a fisherman on a banca at sunset was taken at the back of the SM Mall of Asia while waiting for the International Pyromusical Competition. “This is always a good place to watch the colors of the sky and feel the warm night breeze from the bay,” says Mervin.

    Mike Samonte submitted “Festival Girl.” His photo description reads: Aliwan Fiesta is an annual event that gathers different cultural festivals of the Philippines. Aliwan Fiesta which began in 2003, aims to showcase the different Filipino cultures and heritage.

    Ronald Fernandez contributed the black-and-white photo, “The Faith” taken last Good Friday in Binangonan, Rizal. He explains that the annual tradition called “gewang-gewang” is the local version of the Black Nazarene traslacion.

    “Hermosa Fiesta” by William Perez, a grade 10 graduate of Balsik National High School was taken during the Hermosa Town Fiesta Grand Parade in the province of Bataan.

    And from Myla Del Mundo is the photo titled “Transportation Venice Italy.”

    Readers may now view issues of Picture Perfect including this column at For comments, suggestions or just to share an image or idea, email or

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