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Only child no more

Pia Guanio-Mago on preparing ate—and herself—for the baby


By Maita De Jesus

Pia Guanio–Mago is a few weeks away from giving birth to her second daughter, Brooklyn. For Pia and Steeve, Brooklyn is an answered prayer. During Pia’s baby shower at Discovery Suites Ortigas with Japanese baby brand Aprica, Pia shared, “Steeve and I were really planning to have this second kid, praying really hard for this. We were conscious of any signs. Before this pregnancy, we had a miscarriage, but immediately got pregnant again after a month. We were just so amazed at how good God is to us. I first took a home pregnancy test, and when that came out positive, I told Steeve about it. When the doctor confirmed the news, that was the only time we told Scarlet. We said, ‘Sky, you’re going to be an ate!”

Blooming mommy Pia and her family are extremely excited to meet baby Brooklyn and Soon-to-be Ate Scarlet with Daddy Steeve

Blooming mommy Pia and her family are extremely excited to meet baby Brooklyn and Soon-to-be Ate Scarlet with Daddy Steeve

Pia says that Scarlet took the news well, but perhaps four-year-old Scarlet is feeling the shift from only child to ate more than words can express. Preparations are under way for the two girls to share a room, and Scarlet’s baby stuff will be used for Brooklyn. She says, “They are mostly towels, blankets, a few onesies. She will definitely get a lot of hand me down toys, as Scarlet has so much and dresses which we really loved on Scarlet or stuff which has sentimental value to us will be kept. It’s a lot of savings to have your next baby of the same sex.”

Pia and Steeve have also spoken to Scarlet about helping out with baby duties. Pia says, “We tell her that she’ll be helping out changing Brooklyn’s nappy, making her ‘Mimi’—which is what Scarlet used to call milk when she was a baby—and she seems up to the responsibility.”

Father and daughter are becoming closer as well during the pregnancy, Pia says, which is a good way to help Scarlet get used to Pia needing to take care of Brooklyn when she comes out. “She’s about the same, she’s been very understanding about the fact that get tired more easily now. Her and Steeve being close is a good precedent, since I’ll be spending more time with Brooklyn.”

As the Mago family awaits for Brooklyn, Pia is glad that nowadays, she’s more secure about being a mom, as compared to when she was starting out. “When Brooklyn comes, we plan on giving her and Scarlet the same amount of attention, both will get gifts, and get them as involved as possible with each other. Nobody can scare me into thinking things. I know what’s good and bad for the baby.”

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