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Film photo intro


By Raffy Paredes

The photographic film company Ilford has come out with a playlist of interesting animations titled “Introduction to Film Photogaphy.” The series includes: 1) How a Film SLR Camera Works; 2) Introduction to Film Formats; 3) Film ISO; 4) Aperture; 5) Shutter Speed; 6) Processing Your First Film; 7) Darkroom Essentials Checklist; 8) How a Photographic Enlarger Works; 9) Working Safely in a Darkroom; 10) Making a Photogram; and 11) Introduction to Pinhole Photography. If you haven’t yet tried film photography, this may just encourage you to join the analogue community. Access the animations on YouTube (PetaPixel).

A research team led by Richard Zhang at the UC Berkeley developing an automatic colorizer algorithm announced that an update on their software now lets the user team up with the algorithm to colorize complex black-and-white photos accurately in seconds. The neural network-powered algorithm is really good at applying color to black-and-white photos, but it’s often bad at guessing what color any particular item of clothing, inanimate object, or even person should be. Letting the user play “middleman” in this scenario is a simple solution to this problem. The app starts by trying to colorize the image itself, and then it gives you a list of “suggested colors” you can use to help correct mistakes. As you add markers, the software continues to update the image, following your instructions to create something (hopefully) more accurate.There’s no word on when or if Adobe plans to include capabilities like this directly in Photoshop, but Zhang has made his Interactive Deep Colorization app available for download on GitHub ( if you want to take a stab at colorizing some cherished photos of your great grandparents (Gizmodo).

  • 10000 Roses (Sidney Po)

  • Under Cover (Herron Famisan Antonio)

  • Malabrigo Sunset (Gillian Dale Aguilo)

  • Late Summer Romance (Jan Aldous Viriña)

  • Perspective (Marcelo B. Frias III)

  • Golden Sunset (Honey Lyn Mangrobang)

  • Fushimi Inari Taisha (Mark Fitz Borre)

  • Colors of Devotion (Reniel Renz Gallardo)

  • Untitled (Jenny Rose Doromal)

  • Untitled (Morris Vera)

    MacOS users may be interested in the following Best Free Photo Editors as listed by First on the list is the open source stalwart Gimp, which in terms of features and flexibility, is the best free Mac image editor one can find. But if you’re not concerned with flexibility, and just want to quickly make a few changes to your photos, Fotor is a simple app that gives you access to a bunch of one-button adjustments.Next is Paintbrush, an open source application that is basically paint.exe for your Mac. Finally, if you organize your photo collection using the built-in Photos tool on your Mac, you can also edit images in Photos. Just open any photo, then click the “Edit” button, which looks like a bunch of sliders.This will open a variety of editing tools, which let you do things like choose filters, adjust the lighting, or crop the image (

    And now to our  featured readers half of whom are first-time photo contributors.

    From Castillejos, Zambales, Herron Famisan Antonio shares his action photo titled “Under Cover.” He explains the photo: “Model is P/Insp. Mae Ann Cunanan. Pulis po talaga sya, pero di ko na alam kung ano po ang rank niya ngayon. Photo was taken at Capones Island, San Antonio, Zambales in December 2013.”

    Jan Aldous Viriña, student journalist and a Bachelor of Secondary Education  – Major in English student at the Laguna State Polytechnic University-Santa Cruz Campus sent in the photo, “Late Summer Romance.” “Love may seem unpredictable and definitely it is with my grandparents married for 44 years,” writes Jan. “Tatay Mater, my lolo, is having his bath in the picture with Nanay Zeny who has been always there to take good care since he lost some of his memories when he got a stroke the previous year. It’s an inspiring sacrifice of love that really depicts the song ‘Grow Old with You.’ Even late childhood is summoning my grandpa’s mind, grandma’s always there to answer his question, ‘Zeny, mahal kita. Wag mo ‘ko pababayaan,’ the only sentence he can utter well.”

    The photo, “Fushimi Inari Taisha” taken in Japan comes from Mark Fitz Borre, a software engineer and newbie photographer. “Last May 2016, I took the risk of borrowing money from a colleague of mine just so that I can buy a DSLR,” relates Mark. “It was an entry-level camera (Nikon D5300) that I have always wanted to buy years ago but didn’t have the money to do so. It’s not the best camera in the market but I convinced myself to invest more on learning and sharpening my skills rather than buying expensive camera gears. Reading blogs, books, and videos about tips, tricks, and techniques has been part of my hobby. It’s been only more than a year and I still have a lot to learn.”

    From Morris Vera, also a newbie in photography is an untitled photo of a woman taken with his cellphone camera near the Baclaran church. He shares: “Dati, ang alam ko sa photography is yung basta hilig lang at makakuha lang ng shots pero seryoso. Ngayon masasabi kong nabihag na talaga akong potograpiya lalo na street photography. Kung ano sa tingin mo ay maganda sa mata, ipitik mo. Pero ipitik mo ng nasa tama at walang nilalabag.”

    Reniel Renz Gallardo, sports editor of The Gears campus paper and a Bachelor of Secondary Education – Major in T.L.E student at the Laguna State Polytechnic University – Santa Cruz Campus submitted the photo “Colors of Devotion.” His photo description reads: Dexter, a 19-year-old lad and a youth leader in Sitio Magalolon, San Antonio, Kalayaan, Laguna. The young devotee holding his faith onto the cross as he assembles banderitas, illuminating colors of life, for the upcoming barrio fiesta this June.

    Other photos on today’s page come from previously featured readers.

    “Before I learned to admire the white sands of Palawan, Boracay, Bohol, and many other places in the Philippines, I have long been in love with the unique beaches in my grandma’s hometown in Malabrigo, Lobo, Batangas,” writes Gillian Dale Aguilo who shares the photo, “Malabrigo Sunset.” “If beaches are love, Malabrigo is the first for me. It is a young and pure love of a little girl, as hard as the stones and pebbles and as clear as the water kissing the shore. I’m glad to be back after 17 long years. It feels like being one in a place where my ancestors were.”

    “Golden Sunset,” taken at Siloso Beach, Singapore comes from Honey Lyn Mangrobang. “This photo depicts not only a stunning sunset view but also a lovely moment between father and son,” writes Honey Lyn. “Sometimes taking photographs  is not just capturing  beautiful views but also capturing someone’s soul—someone’s essence, emotions, their being, their soul,” she adds.

    From Jenny Doromal is an untitled photo of the man-made forest along Bohol highway. Marcelo Frias III contributed the silhouette photo “Perspective” taken at Sky Ranch Tagaytay.

    And Sidney Po sent in the photo, “1000 Roses” shot in Cordova, Cebu. “This place has become a tourist (both local and foreign) destination especially at night when all the white LED artificial roses are lit up,” shares Sidney. “A cafe owner put these up beside his store as an added attraction. When in Cebu, do check this out.”

    Readers may now view issues of Picture Perfect including this column at For comments, suggestions or just to share an image or idea, email or

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