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Baby makes three

Kylie Padilla Transitions from ‘Me’ to ‘We’


By Jenna Sy

Kylie Padilla calls herself “selfish.” The 24-year-old actress and soon-to-be mommy laughingly says, “I basked in my own time for myself and just for myself. I did everything for myself. I was selfish.”

Waiting for her little prince Kylie shares her preparation as a soon-to-be mommy

Waiting for her little prince Kylie shares her preparation as a soon-to-be mommy

That shift from the “me” to “we” mentality is something most moms can relate to, and it usually happens when the mom realizes she’s with child. The arrival of her son with fellow actor Aljur Abrenica is a few weeks away, and her selfish ways have been replaced with complete surrender to her little prince. “But with this pregnancy, now I’m preparing to totally surrender myself to him. I am preparing to be the best that I can to be mentally, physically, emotionally ready for him.”

Kylie surrendering herself fully to being a good mother doesn’t mean that she’s let herself go though, and that’s a good thing. A happy mommy equals a happy baby, and Kylie is taking good steps towards striking that balance. Here’s how you can do so, too:

  1. Preparing for motherhood while pregnant makes a mother feel more confident and able.

Kylie has been going to lessons on how to breastfeed and how to take care of a newborn. She’s also been reading a lot, watching documentaries about childbirth and raising children. “Even learning how to cook!” Kylie adds. Knowledge is power, and knowing what to expect and how to deal with it will give you great strength to take care of your baby when the time comes.

2. Get a hold of your newborn’s baby stuff.

– Kylie admits that she’s not much of a material girl, but when she came face to face with her little prince’s baby stuff, she got really emotional. “The major preparation lately was my baby’s baby shower that Tita Mariel (Mariel Rodriguez, wife of actor and Kylie’s dad, Robin Padilla) organized for us. Holding baby things in my hands that I know my baby will soon use was really emotional.” She was gifted with an Aprica baby stroller, among a dizzying array of cute baby clothes and gear. Getting a feel of your baby’s things might make you feel a ton of emotions, from feeling excited to scared, but it will give you a preview of the emotional roller coaster that is motherhood.

3. Take care of yourself to take care of the baby.

– A mother’s life is so intertwined with her baby, and no moment in time is it intertwined the most than when the mother is pregnant. It means that when the mom is unhealthy, so is her child, and vice versa. Kylie takes this to heart, and says that’s so thankful for her fellow moms for all their advice. “They told me to stay active as much as possible, so that both my baby and I are healthy. They also told me to get as much sleep now that I can, while I can, because when the baby comes there will be many sleepless nights. Also, I was told to not scratch my stomach when it’s itchy and to rub oil on it to prevent stretch marks!”

4. Focus on what’s important.

With all the things that women and mothers have to go through and accomplish every day, it’s easy to get lost in all the tasks and worries. But perhaps the key to motherhood is taking it one step at a time, and knowing what to focus on. Kylie says that her marriage to Aljur is simply not their focus as of now, among other things. “We’ve been talking about it, but no solid plan yet. We are just really focused on our baby first. I want to do things one by one, and right now our priority is first having a successful birth, settling, and mastering how to take care of him, and for me mastering breastfeeding too. I want to develop the flow between my baby and I. I don’t like doing things half heartedly, and a human life is not one to gamble with. Everything matters. Even at this early stage, I want him to feel loved, supported, and stable.”

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