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Flower power!

Sweet way to show appreciation


By Kathrina Ysabel Pineda

Some may have seen it before and just waited for its comeback. And while some may have just seen it this year, either way, everybody was mesmerized by the beautiful growing flower in line with the react buttons on Facebook.flower power1

Mother’s Day (well, besides Valentine’s Day) is that time of the year when floral shops are crowded and bouquets of flowers are in every mother’s arms. So, it is just befitting that Facebook reintroduced the purple flower on this special day.

Facebook rolled out once again the “thankful” flower reaction in accordance to Mother’s Day 2017. It was first seen last year, 3 days before Mother’s Day 2016.  It was the company’s first time to offer a temporary reaction button. Facebook released the purple flower last year, and brought it back to bloom this year with a few kicks. I’m sure you noticed how the purple flowers filled your screen when you clicked on the button. All posts that got a thankful reaction will bloom when opened as if it was real enough to be smelled and felt.  The thankful react flower was made to show appreciation and gratitude to mothers all over the world.   Charming wasn’t it?

Facebook added the digital flower next to the expanded like button  that included ‘love’, ‘haha’, ‘wow’, ‘sad’, and ‘angry’ reactions. These added features are used as reactions to posts.flower power2

Sadly, after Mother’s Day, the “thankful” flower emoji disappeared, although it can still be seen in the posts that got it as a response.

With the purple flower, people reacted and we were all delighted.  We all hope that Facebook will bring back the thankful reaction so we can all show our appreciation to moms and loved ones any time and any day of the year.

We need not wait until the next Mother’s Day or any other holiday to show how thankful we are. Make every day special.

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