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Smelly Laundry

It Never Ends


By  Samantha Nicole Alarilla

We haven’t seen the sun out much lately with all the rain we’ve been having.  And so, as we all get ready for school or work, you suddenly get a whiff of an unfortunately familiar pungent scent. That is right. Clothes haven’t been washed and dried properly thanks to this awful weather and now it surely smells.  One of the things we dread most of the rainy season has to be washing and drying of clothes indoors which, if done incorrectly, can lead to the dreaded pungent smell or “amoy kulob”. Well your clothes – and you – don’t have to suffer anymore. Here are a few tips on washing and drying your clothes during the grey days.


Lift and remove stains immediately.

Don’t wait until you’re ready to throw your clothes into the wash before removing stains. The rainy season is all about stubborn stains from mud and floods. Take care of big stains by spot-treating them with detergent and don’t forget to wash stained garments separately to prevent the spread of bacteria to your other garments.


Use fabric conditioner.

Using fabric conditioner in your last wash gets rid of any germs leftover from the previous cycles, speeds up the drying process, and leaves your clothes smelling fresh, clean, and “kulob”-free.


Tumble dry wisely.

If you have a dryer, by all means make use of it, but be aware that this does rake your electric bills up higher. Be smart; put a small towel that’ll help absorb water from the clothes and you’ll get the job done faster. Remember not to overload your dryer as well but not to under load it either, as there won’t be enough clothes for it to tumble and dry.


Create a makeshift clothesline and air-dry.

Some condominiums and homeowners would have shaded terraces for their clotheslines that they use during the rainy season, but if you don’t, make your own by using an old curtain rod or tying rope in between two chairs and hang your clothes there. Just remember not to overload and to wring them out completely before hanging them. Place your makeshift clothesline near an electric fan or heater so it dries faster.


Clean out your washing machine too.

Sometimes your washing machine can contribute to bad odors; so once in a while, do a water-only cycle to clean it out.  After using, leave the top open to let the drum air out as well.

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