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Less stuff for a cleaner home


By Samantha Nicole Alarilla

cleaner home

Home shopping is essential and not to mention fun and relaxing for some of us; but sometimes we end up buying useless home products that aren’t actually worth its price. Some of these things end up either taking unnecessary space in our homes or adding to the ever-growing donation pile.

Want to know which useless home products to avoid? Take a look at some of them:

1. Kitchen tools like “banana slicers” or “corn kernelers”.

That’s what a knife or a hand is for! Unless you’re a perfectionist who likes their food equal and uniform down to the last centimeter, you can totally skip out on these snazzy “just-for-show” gadgets. Same goes for that darned banana holder! What happened to good old bowls? And what happens when there’s only one banana left? Who knows? Not us!

2. Kitchen appliances such as popcorn machines or baby food makers.

— That’s why commercial popcorn and baby food were invented solely for the utter convenience of these machines not having to clutter your kitchen counter. Besides, if you really want to make these things yourself, you probably already have perfectly good kitchenware for it at home like pans or food processors. Don’t buy appliances that do things your existing kitchenware and gadgets can already do — and more!

3. Toilet seat covers.

You’ve seen them at some point, right? These are the ones that either come in funky patterns or are furry. Aside from the fact that they’re not the greatest thing to look at when you’re doing your business, they’re pretty unhygienic too! They won’t improve your bathroom time one bit.

4. Table or chair leg socks.

Unless you’re going to be moving your furniture around 24/7, then there really is no need for you to be adorning your dining set’s legs with soft, fuzzy socks. They’re meant to protect your floors from scratching but really, most people only buy them because they’re cute.

5. Storage boxes.

 Now, hear me out for this one. If you’re trying to get rid of junk and clutter in your home, buying storage boxes or containers expecting your space to become magically clutter-free is quite the stretch. No matter how many storage boxes you buy, if you keep accumulating things then they won’t be very useful to you. Ironically, your storage boxes can even become the clutter you were trying so hard to get rid of!

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