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Great Ideas to Repurpose that Bookshelf


By Joyce Reyes-Aguila

It takes a good mix of creativity and practical thinking to be able to repurpose an item at home. Finding out how a piece of furniture can be reused at home not only saves money, but also prevents crowding – while helping minimize our carbon footprint.

Take a look at your home. Have you used mugs as pencil holders? Does an old plate serve as a landing pad to organize your accessories? Good for you!

While we’re at it, are there bookshelves you can enlist in ways other than what they’re made for? Bookshelves offer wide, open spaces perfect for service in multiple ways. They are sturdy, especially more expensive ones, and can be placed against a wall or even act as a divider between areas, allowing their possible functions to multiply in count. Truly, that bookshelf deserves a second look. Here are some ideas for their transformation.


1. Shoe Organizer.

Release your footwear from dark cabinets! Bookshelves offer enough space to display your shoe collection. Seeing all of them lined up and organized should make any shoe lover happy. Place them by color, heel height, or kind to always remind you ofchoices available as you get ready for your day. Families can designate a row for a particular member, with the younger ones occupying the lower shelves, of course.


2. Welcome Your Guests.

Create a centrally located space for visitors for anything and everything they need. Place extra blankets, pillows, towels, or even toiletries for visitors on bookshelves. Place a “Welcome!” or “For You” sign where guests can see. You can also include information about your home, like your Wi-Fi password or contact numbers of some family members and display these on nice cards.


3. Bedside Table.

If you have a low bookshelf you want to reuse, try placing it inside your bedroom. It can act as a console for your gadgets, the beauty products for your nightly regimen, and, yes, even the books you are currently reading. Compared to drawers or side tables, bookshelves can give you a wider surface to place a lampshade, a scented candle, a favorite photo frame on – all within arm’s length!


4. Doll House.

Why spend a fortune on the latest dollhouse when you can give an entire LPS (Littlest Pet Shop)community a mansion? Bookshelves make the best dollhouses because your young ones get one that is higher than two floors, and a ceiling height that can fit any “appliance” they want to display. Refurbish the look with a new paintjob or by installing “wallpaper” with gift wrappers or drawer liners.


5. Cocktails, Anyone?

Turn your old bookshelf into a bar! Install T-molding to hang your wine glasses and invest in space-saver wine racks to hold your favorite drinks. Reserve the top shelf for the cocktail shaker, strainer, bar spoon, ice bucket, and other bartender essentials.


6. Kitchen Island.

These shelves give you loads of storage space, says in the article “30 Genius Ideas for Repurposing Old Bookcases Into Exciting New Things.” Convert it into a kitchen island by painting it white (and turning it sideways), and covering the top with a butcher’s block for a great kitchen look.


7. Show Off.

With less or no books, your shelves can display just about anything. It can be dedicated to your art collection or favorite photos. It can be the space for any collection you have. If you want to keep certain books, mix them up with your favorite items like travel mementos, family heirlooms, or great finds in flea markets.

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