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Safety begins at home


By Samantha Nicole Alarilla

With the rise of new technology and numerous modus operandi, theft and crime has evolved into something quick and easy; something done in the blink of an eye.  So what can we do to guard our homes?  We must all step up and actively protect ourselves from these crimes. What are some of the things we’ve been doing to burglarproof our homes and what are some new things we can try to double up on security? Here are a few:


High fences or walls

Most houses and condominiums nowadays would have high fences or brick walls surrounding its perimeter. Some of them would be topped with broken shards of glass or barbed wire to dissuade thieves, but the more technologically advanced homeowners would have electrically charged wires installed.


Guard dogs

Man’s best friend can also be man’s greatest weapon in warding off those with nasty intentions. Traditional homeowners would keep their dogs in their yards or by the gate ready to alert you of anything suspicious.


Barred windows or screen doors

Burglars tend to target windows and screen doors and one of the best ways to combat this is to make it harder for them to break in and out. Install metal bars over your windows and screen doors and they’ll surely think twice about messing with your home.


Keypad type or electronic locks

Some of the more tech-savvy homeowners have taken to replacing their traditional lock and key with a keypad lock or electronic lock that requires a passcode. While it is true that this might make it harder for break-ins, you would still of course have to take great care not to divulge the passcode to anyone you don’t trust and survey your surroundings before punching it in.


CCTV cameras

A CCTV camera to track and record anything suspicious in real-time not only discourages thieves but in the event of an actual looting, you would also have a better chance at tracking the burglars down with the tapes. Install a few at key points of your home and monitor them regularly to ensure your safety and security.


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