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Higher aspirations


By Macel Feliciano

Colorful, conceptual, crisp. These are the first thoughts that come to mind upon seeing Noe Julius Galuego’s images.

“I pay attention to colors, faces, lights, emotions, and portraits.These are the things that delight me,” explains Noe.

Noe leans toward beauty and fashion photography. One of his influences is world-renowned travel, glamour, and fashion photographer, Manny Librodo.Amazed at the highly talented photographer’s captures, Noe was even more thrilled to have worked with him for an international project. While in Bangkok in 2014, he was introduced to Manny. He was also given the rare opportunity of assisting his idol. They worked together in capturing the beauty of Tia Tavee, Thailand’s bet for Asia’s Next Top Model. Like a true fanboy, he absorbed everything he could. And like a true believer in his idol’s talent, he helped organize workshops in Antique featuring the internationally acclaimed lensman.

  • Angelie (Noe Julius Galuego)

  • Martha (Noe Julius Galuego)

  • Intimate (Noe Julius Galuego)

  • Squad goals (Noe Julius Galuego)

  • Kizza (Noe Julius Galuego)

  • Moments (Noe Julius Galuego)

  • Heather (Noe Julius Galuego)

  • Into the light (Noe Julius Galuego)

  • Swanee (Noe Julius Galuego)

  • Ruffa (Noe Julius Galuego)

  • Yassi (Noe Julius Galuego)

  • Vintage (Noe Julius Galuego)

  • Lovers (Noe Julius Galuego)

  • Relaxed (Noe Julius Galuego)

  • Tia (Noe Julius Galuego)

  • Pin Up (Noe Julius Galuego)

    Wedding photography is also near Noe’s heart. “I enjoy capturing the raw emotions, especially of people attending weddings.How happy and in love the couple is, how hopeful and encouraging the family and friends are. Sometimes I don’t need to direct them, I just simply capture their moments candidly and it always turns out beautifully,” enthuses Noe.

    Weddings are also significant for Noe because that is where it all started for him. His first project as a lensman was a wedding. After curiosity piqued his interest in photography, he then experimented with different techniques, until the camera consumed him and photography became his passion. He honed his skills by joining several workshops in Iloilo and Manila from 2011 to 2012.

    “The first workshop I’ve attended was conducted by Peter Jaena and Paul Frederick Chiongson in Iloilo in 2011. I also went to some open shoots in Manila led by some accomplished photographers like Jake Radaza and Advan Ramirez,” he relates.

    He believes that lensmen shouldn’t limit themselves to certain genres or subjects.For him, a skilled photographer shouldn’t have preferences. “Photographers should be appreciative of what is around them, may it be a flower, a small twig, a simple table, or just an ordinary chair.”

    Noe is a photographer by passion and a registered nurse by profession. He hails from Antique,but has travelled and stayed in different countries because of his vocation. He is a pioneer member of local photography club, Photographic Society of Antique, since 2010. Though he doesn’t usually join photo contests, he was fortunate enough to be included in History Channel’s Photo Face-Off when he was based in Bangkok in 2014.

    Accolades from award-giving bodies are not the recognition he seeks. For now, all the applause he wants is from the people who matter most to him. “Gaining appreciation from your clients and earning their friendship, being well-respected by your co-artists and colleagues—these, for me, are my accomplishments.”

    He has also been invited to judge a school’s photography contest which he considers an honor. For him, to be chosen as judge is a recognition of one’s craft. He finds it rewarding to coach and inspire budding photographers. “One of my goals is to mentor those who are eager to explore photography, to impart what I have learned and experienced in almost eight years. Paying it forward!”

    Personal mood does not hold great sway on Noe.“For me, an effective photograph is able to convey a thousand words and emotions. An effective photographer is the one who is able to come out with a great masterpiece through his passion and dedication to his craft regardless of mood.”

    Through photography, Noe has met different people from all walks of life. He considers this as one of the best things about being a photographer. It has also opened his eyes to different cultures and has developed in him a respect for diversity and empathy towards other people.

    To improve as a lensman, he holds onto these principles:“Continue to develop skills through constant practice. Then collaborate with other artists from other fields without letting them feel they are belittled and disrespected.”

    Asked about his deepest views on photography, Noe shares,“Photography is a discovery. Looking through my lens, I see people, things, places, emotions. But more significantly, I see love, beauty, peace, and greatness.”

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