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On Tingting’s list


By Tina Hidalgo Jacinto

  • RJ Ledesma, Arnel Papa, Mitzi Borromeo, Ana de Ocampo, Heart Escudero, Joanna Preysler, Lulu Tan Gan, Consul Gen. Fortune Ledesma, TingTingCojuangco, Zelda Kienle, Tweetie de Leon Gonzalez, Janina Dizon, Anna Rufino, Rissa MananquilTrillo, Audrey Zubiri and Albert Andrada

  • Heart Evangelista Escudero

  • Ralph Joseph, Lilibeth Campos and Paqui Campos

  • David Batchelor and Marilu Batchelor

  • Mia Borromeo and Tina Cuevas

  • Consul Tony Rufino, Ambassador Victor Garcia and Consul Rene Ledesm

  • Organizers TingtingCojuangco, far right, of “Tingting’s List: The Elegant Filipinas” and Consul Gen. Fortune Ledesma, 3rd from left with the author and AA Patawaran

  • Lulu Tan Gan, Frannie Jacinto and Cynthia Gonzalez

  • George Sison , Joanna Preysler and Jojo Guingona

  • Ambassador Rolando Alvarado, Mme. MervatEssat and Rupert Jacinto

  • Adriana Zubiri, Sen. MigzZubiri and Vicky Zubiri

  • Gino Gonzalez and China Cojuangco Gonzalez

  • 13


    Connie Garcia

  • Fanny Blanco, Nympha Valencia and Tessie Amparo

  • Leo Espinosa

  • Jessica Kienle Maxwell, Sandy Moran, Zelda Kienle, Mitzi Kaspar, Malou de Venecia and Gina Mohnani

  • Martin Kaspar, Mitzi Kaspar, Samantha Kaspar, Sandy Moran, Cynthia Gonzalez

  • Diamond Hotel GM Vanessa Ledesma-Suatengco, Dette Tan and Audrey Zubiri

  • Ambassador Effie Ben Matityau

  • Sal Panelo

  • Nene Leonor

  • Marissa Fenton

  • Marife Zamora and Blanca Mercado

  • Luigi Sison and Mitzi Borromeo

  • Philip Cruz and Ching Cruz

  • Olga Martel and Roi Phillips

  • Gela Cornelissen

  • Ana Palabyab Rufino

  • Dean Decker

  • Dolores Cheng

  • Franco Laurel

  • Arnel Papa

    High society’s well-dressed crowd gathered for the annual event, “Tingting’s List: The Elegant Filipinas 2017,” held recently at the Diamond Hotel. The glamorous Tingting Cojuangco and the gorgeous Consul Gen. Fortune Ledesma spearheaded the event, which was also a celebration of “Autistic Possibilities,” art pieces by individuals with special needs.

    Tingting, known for her refined taste and sense of style, shares her views by saying: “Elegance is not overdoing an appearance. It’s an understatement. It’s the body language that carries a dress worn gracefully, regal not shabby. The mouth and words must be a modulated voice and no swearing and unkind words. Sit with legs together, stand with one leg in front of the other, and walk with shoulders back. It’s better to have less than too much. Don’t be a hodgepodge and combine things even if it doesn’t go together or to indicate ‘look at me, I have the latest.’ Elegance can be 20-year-old clothes worn today with aplomb and confidence. The women I choose have clothes for their age.”

    This year, Tingting’s List of 10 women achievers in their chosen fields are Mitzi Borromeo, Lulu Tan Gan, Audrey Tan Zubiri, Rissa Mananquil Trillo, Ana Marie de Ocampo, Joanna Francisco, Tweetie de Leon Gonzalez, Janina DizonHoscha, Love Marie Ongpauco Escudero, and Anna Rufino.

    The board of judges were Fortune Ledesma, Diamond Hotel general manager Vanessa Suatengco, Albert Andrada, former Miss Universe fashion designer, and Arnel Papa. After the presentation of the Leaf of Elegance trophy, designed by Arnel Papa, the entertainment commenced. Emcee of the night RJ Ledesma introduced singer Samantha Kaspar, while a fellow “special” gifted artist, Vico Cham, spontaneously painted on stage. Dynamic couture designer Albert Andrada presented a captivating collection, a return to opulence, with shimmering embellishments executed in timeless designs.

    The Center for Possibilities Foundation, Inc. CFP with executive director and founder, Dolores Cheng promotes a society that recognizes the dignity, potential, and value of persons with “special needs.” This community’s goal is to hone them to become the best people they can be and to transform them from disabled to enabled.


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