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The Television that blends in

Samsung unveils its latest state-of-the-art television: The Frame TV


By Terence Repelente

They say the revolution will not be televised. That’s because the television itself is the revolution. Just when everyone thought TVs couldn’t get any more groundbreaking, Samsung shook things up yet again with the launch of The Frame, an innovative concept that merges world-class art and design with its award-winning technology.

The Frame changes the game of home design and gives TV a whole new purpose. When it is powered on, The Frame offers premium picture quality. Meanwhile, when not in use, it becomes a customizable canvas where you can freely curate your favorite artwork and photos, transforming the room into a more vibrant and personalized environment.

“I attended the global launch of the TV, which was held in Paris. The designer, Yves Béhar, mentioned something that struck me,” shared Samsung marketing director Chad Sotelo. “He said, ‘When people design a living room, they design it around the TV. Because the TV just takes up so much space and it’s a big black box. Interior design revolves around the TV.’ What they wanted to do was something very simple—to change the conversation.”

  • Elevate your living space with The Frame

  • Select designers showcase their world through varying contemporary and forward-thinking styles as The Frame lives in perfect harmony and accentuates bold design statements in each space.

  • Leaders in their own industries, PSID Alumni Association president Paolo Jara, head of product marketing for TV and audio Jun Guevara, Samsung president and CEO Kevin Lee, business unit head for AV Gally Chua, and PSID alumna Gelo del Mundo share a moment to mark the continuous evolution of home design with The Frame.

    Rather than designing the living room around the TV, according to Chad, Samsung wants the TV to adjust to the living room or wherever else people decide to put it.

    “We made a couple of simple but meaningful changes,” he added. “The Frame is made customizable to such an extent that it can blend with the background of the room.”

    Through its Art Mode feature, The Frame can display any piece from the Samsung Collection, a built-in library of over 100 exclusive works by renowned global artists commissioned and handselected by the tech giant. With options in 10 different categories (wildlife, landscapes, drawings, digital art, still life,and more), there’s something for every unique preference. If these are not enough, The Frame has an Art Store for an unlimited access to a plethora of collections. You can also opt to upload your personal images, and customize its display with a variety of layouts and filters using your Smartphone.

    “The Frame is a way for us to, pardon the pun, reframe the conversation on how we design living rooms, dens, and bedrooms. Now it’s the TV that adjusts to the design and not the other way around,” Chad said.

    The Frame amplifies the beauty in any living space and blends with the interior of a home.

    To make sure the art on your TV looks realistic and beautiful at every moment, The Frame has a brightness sensor that allows the screen to seamlessly adjust to ambient lighting, making the whole display truly blend into your interiors. It also comes with a wooden frame bezel that can be easily attached to the TV.

    For Samsung product marketing head for TV and audio Jun Guevara, The Frame is all about one’s individuality, sense of style, and expression. “It’s the first TV in the market, which we think really helps blend the TV into your home’s aesthetic. Even when it’s off, it’s beautiful,” he said.

    “Until now, the television has been somewhat of a design puzzle. It is the center of attention when turned on, so you want everything to look nice around it. But when it is turned off, all it is is a big black box in the middle of your room. There’s no color, no personality, and most times there are these messy wires that just stick out as an eyesore. If these thoughts about the TV resonate with you, then Samsung’s The Frame is the TV for you.”

    Marrying art and technology, Samsung is the Official Home Entertainment Solutions Partner of Philippine School of Interior Design’s (PSID) grandest exhibit to date , “G.O.L.D: Glamorous, Opulent, and Luxurious Designs.”

    “Samsung constantly reimagines design by creating entirely new TV concepts that give our customers an experience like no other. We are honored to work with a group that commits to blending art with functionality through technology and design solutions for the Filipino homes,” Chad said.

    The design school gathers faculty, alumni, and graduating students to present the anthology of style, trends, and design that epitomize PSID’s excellence in interior design education over 50 years.

    Jun and the entire Samsung team are very happy to work with PSID. “We think that they can really bring our vision for Frame TV to life, which is a beautifully designed TV that blends in so well with a home’s aesthetic and interiors,” he said.

    “We at PSID are in awe as we witness and experience how the innovation of The Frame and other design solutions end the era of limited space options for our TVs,” shared PSID dean Jie Pambid.

    The “G.O.L.D” exhibit runs for the entire month of October at Uptown Bonifacio Mall in Bonifacio Global City; www.

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