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A room of rest

6 ways to create the perfect bathroom refuge


By Joyce Reyes-Aguila

We all have our favorite rooms or corners at home – a place conducive to clear thinking, or allows the stress of every day to just fade away. This is the part of your house where you can be alone to cry, read, pamper yourself all you want.

Yes, it might be your bathroom!

While they are largely seen as having, well, obviously functional uses, the bathroom is truly a place of refuge for many people. Within, there are less chances of being disturbed and somehow, with the door closed, anyone is able to separate himself or herself from the rest of the (stressful) activities at home.

No matter the size, any bathroom can be transformed into a place that serves purposes other than the obvious ones.There are countless, affordable ways to create an environment that allows you to unplug and destress as you wish.


  • Rid it of worries.

A pile of dirty clothes or a disorganized bathroom shelf will definitely keep you from clearing your mind. Clutter is the last thing you want to have in your place of refuge. Dedicate time to clear the counter, shelves, cabinets, and even the floor area of your bathroom.


  • Add natural beauty.

Consider placing flowers. An orchid can be placed on the counter near the sink, or a bamboo plant on the floor to make a corner more inviting. Plants help purify the air, and since you go inside your bathroom to recharge, breathing clean air will surely serve you in good stead.


  • Let there be light.

Nothing beats being able to bask in natural light through your bathroom window as you prepare for your day. Invest in curtains that can give you privacy yet provide a bit of sunshine. If your space allows to update the lights, why not install vanity lights for your mirror, or change the shade of your bulbs for an updated look? Opt for decorative lighting to transform it, and make you love your favorite space at home even more.


  • Bring in new things.

It could be time to replace your old shower curtain or tattered bath rug after many years. Think of the top three things that you can update inside your bathroom – three items that always get your attention because they require action (that is, replacement). It could be as small as tossing your toothbrush holder or as grand as repainting your bathroom walls. But your investment will be worth it once you realize you are able to stay in there longer with nary a negative thought.


  • Pamper yourself.

This means getting a bathrobe you can wear as you spend your time within, and a pair of comfy, fluffy slippers for your feet. Place a seat or stool in a corner that will allow you to be more comfortable when you spend time in your bathroom. Why not add scented candles or fragrant oils inside the room for your moments of reflection? Go for a scent that is complimentary with your choice of soap or shampoo.Pamper your eyes by placing beautiful draperies, rugs, towels, and shower curtains.


  • Personalize your space.

Celebrate the reasons why you love spending so much time in your bathroom by adding a touch of you. If it is your place to read, have a small shelf or basket for your current reads. If the bathroom is where you relax or meditate, put photos that allow you to focus, or a music dock to play music. In case you are sharing your bathroom with others, explain why you are taking over one shelf or why you want to mount photos of your travel on your bathroom walls.

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